Jun 28, 2011

Horror at work

I am glad to admit that I work in one of the best office environments. The people are work place are just lovely and we have lots of freedom and flexibility. It’s quite a pleasure to be working there. But the pleasure ends when the clock strikes 9 pm in the night.

If for some reason, you end up staying at the office, doing some extra work after 9 pm, everyone plots to ensure that you have the most horrible experience. Mind you, I work in a company that deals in language editing and translation. So, peace and quietness are prerequisites.

So, this is what happens at 9 pm.

  • The ACs in the main bay get switched off. I think it is a silly administration policy to save electricity, making it unreasonable to all those who work late.
  • Once the comforting hum of the ACs are gone, form some reason people start speaking loudly. If you are trying to concentrate on your work, you might as well give up.
  • The icing in the cake is the sudden onset of loud music. From almost everywhere – speaker phones, loud annoying ring tones, and people playing their choice of music on computer speakers! The other day, my boss, a fellow rocker, had the chutzpah to play Dream Theater loud. Give me a break!

I hope someone takes some action to prevent/avoid all of this.


Yadhu Krishna said...

He he!

Where I work, its same too, except that this starts at 5 pm!!

And additionally I don't even know if my boss listen to music!!

Kris Bass said...

Whatever, this practice should be discouraged!