Feb 27, 2010

The screening of Engayging Lives

Tonight, I'm going with a bunch of my wonderful colleagues and M-man (my date) to watch the screening of Engayging Lives, the documentary about urban openly gay people. Of course, the title is based on my blog and I have contributed the soundtrack to it. I hope it is as fulfilling as it promises to be. I'm attaching the invite, the schedule, and the Mid-Day article (from Thursday) about the same (which had me fearured in a photo taken at a relatively unfortunate moment)!


murali said...

Delightfully made and edited film, commendable for student work...4 separate stories woven in together, tho two were sort of not complete, the film worked as a whole unit! k's music worked so well!

flygye12 said...

can't u post a larger picture of the article :(
or at least the link

Kris Bass said...

@Murali: Thanks fore being my date! And thanks for the reviews.

@Fly: I've re-posted the pics. Hope you can read the article clearly!