Feb 1, 2010

After therapy

20 days back, I started taking my medications. I feel like a different person. Life seems to offer a lot more and opportunities seem to spring out of nowhere.

I feel like dressing up, partying,, getting back on the 'scene' etc. This has to do with shopping and I must be careful about not spending too much. I bought myself an entire collection of hats and stoles the other day. Now, its time for shirts! Everything dirt cheap of course!

More surprises coming up. I'll post a picture or two soon to justify my proclamations!


flygye12 said...

saw a music group at the Delhi Airport. one guy looked definitely a mallu-beard and all. was it u?

Kris Bass said...

No, it wasn't me!

shruta said...

Pics after ur facial field gets back in full bloom sonny ..

Kris Bass said...

Not really. I need to document everything.