Feb 10, 2010

Find your blemish in another

One of the biggest feelings of relief in everyday life is to find somebody else in the who is as crazy/neurotic/obsessive about something you are too. And I'm not talking about it in the negative way at all. The other day, I and SM (the colleague from office who has suddenly leapfrogged from nowhere to become one of my dearest friends) discovered one more of these between the two of us - a requirement to plan for social outings and stick to the plan.

Both I and her (and for that matter Vinokur too) require dinner plans, hang out plans to be defined and structured at the earliest possible opportunity. It's a pain that people don't understand how important this is to save time and to avoid unnecessary mental qualms. Usually, arriving at a date is done and the nitty gritty of the time, and in some cases the location, is not decided. The decision is put off until the last minute, thus wasting a lot of time and mental energy.

Some other times, decisions are made within the subconscious and are expected to be transmitted through some advanced telepathic communication devices. This could perhaps work out in the Matrix, or in an Asimov novel - but not in present day real life, honey! Why is communication so diffcult and apparently intimidating in this the second decade of the new millennium?

Such questions, when posed, are either met with another phase of unresponsiveness, an outcry of denial of wrongdoing mashed with imposition of inhumane rules, or rage. The result, unfortunately, whichever the outcome, drives the initiator/perpetorator mad and sometimes feeling guilty for a commendable deed! I am a very common recipient of this hurt. How I wish sometimes if I had a neuronal whip from the same Asimov novel to beat these apparently ruthless souls to submission.

Hope's always the cure for the eternal optimist, but it is mischievous! The one unblasphemized result is the joy of finding that you are not alone in this cruel cruel world. So get out there and mingle and find similar blemishes in others!


Anonymous said...


Trust me sweets .. it was a relief to know that someone (else) thinks this way too .. here I was thinking that there is something so wrong with the way I think .. I mean, everyone else cant be wrong right..??

Leapfrogged... hehehehe ... adore being ur "partner" in crime, madness, neurotic emotional atyaachaar and all in the list ..

Thanks for making me feel at home with myself

Kris Bass said...

:) You are always welcome honey!