Feb 16, 2010

Love Pact

Two people in love like no other
Must realize that not much further
They will fall out of love for each other
That's no shame, it's quite natural

To ease the pain, my fellow lovers
Won't you listen to me, and consider
To make a pact, preamble, for each other
For when there ain't love, for the other

Put it down, when you still love each other
Your words will be kind and gentle, no bother
A play, a poem, some prose, oh whatever
To try and make it last forever

And act it out, without each other
When you have time sans the other
Because all that matters are the words, my lovers
And I know you love each other, like no other


shruta said...

When you fall outta love .. you grow into something else... Good one ..

Mind if i steal it for my "someone" .. ??

Kris Bass said...

Yes! You may!

Rekha said...

Wow............ i love Love .....

Kris Bass said...

Thanks Rekha!