Feb 9, 2010

Engayging Lives - the documentary

About a few months back, a charming young woman felt attracted to me. She was disappointed when she came to know about my preferences from T. However, this resulted in her friend from Sophiya College, also charming, getting in touch with me regarding a documentary film project.

One thing led to another and zoop forward, they loved me and this blog. Hence they have titled it 'Engayging Lives' and I'm a character. I'm writing the background score for the movie, which is in the editing stages. This movie also features many blogdosts and gay icons (e.g., Nitin Karani from the Humsafar Trust). So a lot to look forward to, eh?

Well, the movie will be screened on the 26-28th of this month at the Sophiya College! I guess I can say that all of you are invited!


shruta said...

I ll be there .. Fix a date ???


alan said...

I won't be there. :( But in a significant way, I will.

spicehoney17 said...

Hey...Krishna m replying on your behalf for this one... :D

@shruta: if its not a date wid him, you are def invited by us!:):)

@Allan: Yes you will very much be there! you are an integral part of this too :)

and Krishna thank you for all your lovely notes! I can't help Smiling!! :D :D :D

spicehoney17 said...

Hey...and a few corrtections! hehe

The exhibtion is from the 25th Feb to 28th Feb! and its SOPHIA! not sophiiiyyya hehe as everybody else says it! ;)

Anonymous said...

Am I the 'charming young woman 1'?? I think it is meee!
-Riddhi M

Kris Bass said...

@Shruta: Yes honey, why not?

@Alan: You are a BIG part of this, Monsieur!

@Spice: Thanks for speaking on behalf of me. I'll change the error in the dates/spelling (was there any) on the post.

@Riddhi: You guys have all been charming! So...