Feb 13, 2010

Decision making on a wintry afternoon

On a wintry afternoon
You chose to waste away
Blame it on the rum and coke
Blame it on your better half
Blame it on your entire self

The same wintry afternoon
I chose to work away
Flaming on my jive and jokes
Flaming on my better half
Flaming on my chosen self

This has been going on and on
We chose to shoo away
Wasting on our life and folks
Wasting on less-than-halves
Wasting on, wasting ourselves

I'm sorry, sullen and can't go on
I'm choosing to fly away
Folding up my coat and book
Framing me and my better half
Flying to him, saving myself

1 comment:

alan said...

Brilliant, if somewhat hyper-utopian observations, KK. The older, married men in the situation you describe might find your formula both alluring and impossible.
The piece was very nicely written. Your prose and poetry just get better and better. Mazel Tov!