Nov 6, 2008

This time, last year

This time last year, I was at a great restaurant in Bandra having a party with almost the who's-who of my life then. Life was great. Vibrant, full of hopes and expectations. My friends Dr. R., Sandy, E-boi, Xander, Parry, his girlfriend - all took turns to wish Vinokur his birthday.

Tonight, I sit at my computer trying to wonder what really went wrong. I feel like run-down by a train - a train of responsibilities and challenges that I was not able to keep up with.

Today's exam was the worst ever in my life. Apart from being reporting about half an hour late for the exam thanks to a slow wrist watch, I couldn't answer even one question out of the 9 ones with any semblance of quality. I think any of you (non-medicos) would have fared equally with me in this test. Needless to admit, but my confidence and self-esteem, upto the barest of minimums, has been deflated. Anyone, any fucking person in this world can defeat me now.

As expected, the only fun of this month has passed. It was the gig at Not Just Jazz by the Bay - Shoonyas gig, that is. These are a few pics.


Anonymous said...

dude! Buckle up man! Get your act together. You aren't some miserable git off the roadside or something. Stop feeling so depressed, bad times come. Look at what you have achieved and build upon it. I know writing about it helps you keep stable, so don't think I'm saying stop whining. But make sure you work towards it, whatever you do. Whatever you have achieved till now (atleast what I know from reading your blog) not many can. It still may sound a cliché but positive approach is necessary. It's hard and it takes time, but it works.

Goodl luck.

Anonymous said...

Agreeing with most of what the person above says, albeit in a more diplomatic tone, I'd like to add that you need a plan... a good plan, mon ami.

Anonymous said...

You already know what I want to say. I spoke with Alan yesterday. I am sure he told you what I think.

Meanwhile, figure out a plan. A real one this time. Something doable. Baby steps towards becoming a honest to goodness grown up.

A well wisher in NYC

Prash said...

Nice look good !

Anonymous said...

You dont look happy in your photographs. Engayged (smiles) but not happy. I think you have immense capacity to be happy. You can read enough inspirational stories to tell you that it is not over as yet. At least, not yet. Words of comfort are good only when they inspire you to do something. Our words should not make you comfortable. They should act as a cushion only when you fall. But dont rest on that cushion. It is only there to help you not break. And you cant be broken. At least, not yet.

Anonymous said...

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Rambler said...

hey all the best for the rest of the exams

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

hey come on cheer up dude!! you might not be the same, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't find happiness in the smallest what if you've got more responsibilities now?you can still take a wee bit of time off to live..
take care!

Kris Bass said...


I thank you for your comments. I am grateful to have such a positive set of blogger friends.