Jul 28, 2004

More Lion talk, less tiger

Things didn't go as well as I hoped the other day at the zoo where Mr. Lion took me for a tour. But don't ever misunderstand me; it was still awesome. Even though I was not able to touch a tiger cub-they were just 13 days old and no one other than Mamma tiger has touched them-I got to see them very close. I got close to other big cats as well. The keeper of the felines gave us company this time and since he was nearby, the jaguars, lions and tigers were feeling more comfortable. One tiger, the oldest one in the zoo, came forward in the cage and settled near us after the keeper called her by name. The couple of jaguars from South America (I guess) were much friendlier. In fact, they came to near us and rubbed themselves on the railings of the cage and even extended a paw of affection. I heard one of them purr and eventually we were able to see them trying to mate. I am ecstatic about the fact that I'm getting to see all this so up close and personal.

Apart from this, we visited some other animals with the zoo vet. It was amazing to hear the vet and Mr. Lion discuss the treatment options. It was much similar to what we do in our rounds at the hospital. The main difference was that animals were much harder to administer medications. Another difference in this trip was the fact that I didn't have Ray along with me. I sort of felt odd asking Ray if he would like to come along as well. Not because I wanted privacy with Mr. Lion. But because I thought about what Ray might feel about depriving me of privacy with Mr. Lion. Anyway, I thought it was up to him to make a decision and he decided against coming.

After this, Mr. Lion drove to a nearby parking lot. All you perverts, do not exert your imaginative skills too much. It was mid-afternoon and we were by a main road. Besides, we two aren't the all-sex no-talk kinda pair. At least, I am. I hope Mr. Lion is too but I've my suspicions about it. Mr. Lion, I must say I'm proud and surprised to find him like this, did not waste time and started on the topic of my sister and her problems straight away. He did it with such a level of sincerity and genuineness that I felt that I needed to take him in right then. But as I said earlier, we are no sex maniacs. During the discussion, there was an uncomfortable moment for Mr. Lion when I asked him his views about pedophilia. He apparently believed that sex between any two consenting persons was okay. I asked him whether he thought that a decision taken by a 14 year old (not just a random number) would be considered well thought out. And if no, how such a person could be considered fit to giving a learned consent. I was stressing on the fact that it should have been consenting adults instead of just persons. Anyway, he didn't have an answer to this. This had somewhat lessened my urges to get it on with him then. But again, we are not sex-crazed adults to do it there.

My e-personal-life is getting hotter. Mr. Anonymous JK has informed me of his immense interest in me. I think we have a good chance of getting along well sometime in the future. Besides, Saul and I are exchanging mails (he is attaching his pictures along with mails) regularly. Is it a coincidence that I fall in love with him (he is attaching his pictures along with mails) regularly as well. My friend R. was very depressed the other day about the fact that we can never meet in real life. He was so feeling down then that he thought that he should quit keeping in touch with me altogether so that he could get his mind off me. I thought that was too drastic and have been able to convince him from taking such a decision.

My Mom has started to come with me for a morning jog/walk. Of course, I and Chuck jog/walk by ourselves and Mom would walk alone without company. She is sort of pumped up about this and I'm happy about that. It is a shame that Dad doesn't even make an effort to join her. The talks with Chuck in the morning are getting more interesting. The other day, we talked about sexual fantasies. I was surprised to hear that Chuck (an ardent admirer and supporter of the porn industry) had very little few. The main thing he had was about having forced-sex; forced on his partner of course. Maybe it was the fact that he can't open up to me about such stuff. The curious thing to note was that I basically have the same thing in my fantasies. The only difference is that I (feeling elated) was the recipient of forced sex.

Oh by the way, I'm getting braces tomorrow. I've been frequenting the dentist this week to get myself prepared. I have had to get two teeth extracted in the last couple of days. It was not at all painful but each one took a lot of time to be extracted. Apparently, my love for felines has translated into the reality that even the roots of my teeth are shaped like claws. This also meant that Ray, who accompanied me to the dentist, had to go through a lot of boring magazines in the waiting room. He was so bored with a magazine called Filmfare that he has vowed to not touch it again.

Just after I had my tooth extracted, I've had physical reasons to be intimidating. There was blood dripping from my mouth. My lips were swollen. But most importantly, I was acting like I couldn't care less, thanks mainly to the wonderful advancements in the field of anaesthesia. I must have looked like a thug, a very thin one though. Why I bring up this point is that I have had a few points raised as to why I might be neglected/ignore in real life. One of them was the fact that I might appear intimidating (not physically but as a person who had achieved a lot even at this young age) to others enough to make them feel scared and neglect/ignore me. Well, you guys are going through my life and thoughts regularly. Do you think I can be intimidating?

Jul 26, 2004

Two days

I never realized that two days of my life could give me so much to write about. I don't have a clue as to where to start. Maybe I shouldn't really be writing so many things about my personal life in here. Wait; that was not me talking. That was my mexican friend Saul's thought after he saw my blog. Saul was sort of uncomfortable reading through my blog citing that personal diaries are meant to mean what they are called - personal. But this personal diary, I said in an explanation to justify myself, is different. It is a medium where I get to write what I want, the way I want and I get a lot of satisfaction in doing so and getting comments of a few like-minded readers about it. I can go berserk in here. I explode into my fantasy world where gayness is accepted like down-town New York. Yeah, I'm referring to you Faustus. I'm jealous of the way you live. But it is okay, and under control. But I would someday want to live a life like how you do.

The day before, I was invited by Chuck to a party sponsored by a pharmaceutical company. The party was actually meant for the fresh-residents in the Orthopedics department. I was invited to fill in the numbers. The pharmaceutical company held a belief that such parties are useful for developing amazing levels friendship, solidarity and the spirit of team-work among the residents. Chuck, being the representative of the residents, found that inviting me was the only way he could continue deluding the pharmaceutical company representatives for more parties in the future.

Anyway, after the initial formalities-for those unaware, this includes introduction of new medications under the labels and a lot of bullshit about how the doctors are doing a world of good to everyone bye prescribing the company's own formulations and vice versa-got over, the feast began. Although the quality of food was appalling, alcohol was there to salvage some respect. I, being a honest preacher of non-alcoholism, didn't even want to take a sip. But Chuck and A. (another friend of mine) convinced me on the grounds of inevitability-Orthopedicians are the drunkards among doctors, the college to which I was going to do my residency set high standards in everything, including drinking-that I can't go without a drink at least. Eventually, I had a 'large' of brandy. What happened next is worth another paragraph.

This was the first time I was drinking. Maybe it was the empty stomach, maybe it was the fact that the proportion of adipose tissue in me was lesser, or maybe that my hepatic microsomal system of enzymes was naïve as compared to the others'-the drink had an almost immediate effect. I was starting to feel dysbasic, ptotic, ataxic and dyskinetic. I thought I was dysarthric as well, but was relieved to find that I wasn't after I got out of being 'under the influence'. But, I could think very clearly. And I was feeling stupid. I was not being under control of myself; the one thing that I always feel I need to. I was worried about this. I was feeling plain bad about this.

To not indulge in anything remotely close to being inappropriate, I started to fiddle with my mobile phone after going to a corner where there was no one. I tried calling Ray. But he was busy. I tried calling my sister. She wouldn't take up the phone. I resigned to typing in messages to Ray, once having to type the same message thrice because I had accidentally deleted the composed message by virtues of being dyskinetic. The effect wore off in little under an hour, and I was so happy to back in control again. I felt sick even momentarily losing the only power I seemed to hold forever. And I was thinking that I would never drink again. I didn't find any benefits to being drunk, of course it is from my point of view... at least until I got up the day after when, astonishingly, my prodrome of viral illness was gone! Wow, that justified me having a drink. I hope I won't have to search for more justifications in the future for both refusing a drink or getting drunk.

Back to my physical charms-wait a minute, I don't think I had too many the last time blogged. But things change, sometimes drastically. I happened to send a upper body nude photograph of myself (chest hair et al) to this very good friend of mine R. He was so excited about this that he replied in an e-mail with so many wonderfully strung sentences having words such as cute, sexy, wonderful, beautiful, lovely, handsome, adorable, that I finally felt that I'm at least okay looking in part nude. So, someone thinks that I'm hot. This sort of is like a revenge of sorts to May who says that I suck in looks. Coming from an older man, she still won't take it as a reason to believe the fact that I'm even remotely good-looking. But anyway, I'm happy about it. This comment, finally, gave Ray some sort ground trying to convince me that I don't need to feel so bad about my body, the way it is. He is okay with the way it is. Even Mr. Lion thinks that I'm cute the way I'm. But, for me, looks are very subjective. The subjectivity of the person himself, or herself for that matter, is the most important aspect in modulating decisions to amend looks. Therefore, I'm justified again.

Mr. Lion is back by the way; back from the hospital, and is very happy about the fact that he has a grandchild. The lack of opportunity for hands-on action had made him very horny when we had a couple of chat sessions. I thought that he was too flirty for an old man, but I loved each and every moment of it. I like ment who flirt. Especially dirty old men. Only when they flirt with me, that is. In our chat, we discussed a lot of stuff. I even asked him about his apparently pedophilic tendencies. He accepted the fact that he liked it but he never forces issues. I admire his honesty about this, but I'm not sure about the justification.

More importantly, of course for me and not the millions of poor little kids in the world who I admit I don't care too much about, the discussion drifted off to our next meeting, which happens to be today afternoon. Now, I want you to understand that the following couple of lines were actually meant to be in capitals, bold, 600% more in size and in alternating colors of pink and fluorescent green-Mr. Lion and I are meeting in the zoo today and he said he will try to get me near tiger cubs! Maybe even touch and play with one of them! Oh my me!!! This is the most exciting thing that someone has ever said to me. I really hope things work out well because if you don't already know by now, tigers are my epitomes of perfection. Tiger cubs add a share of cuteness, playfulness and amazing degree of stupidity-just like a kitten. So they are more attractive than a thousand penises, to me at least.

Yesterday was a wonderful day in my personal life. I spent almost the whole day with my beloved friends; Chuck and Ray. First we went to watch Spiderman 2. Nice movie, I have to say. I, increasingly realizing that I'm becoming an unstoppable critic in just about everything, found the animation sub-standard and the technicalities of the story line a little under-worked. The first half of the movie was better than the second half, where Peter Parker was given more prominence than Spiderman. After this, we watched the India Vs. Pakistan cricket match on TV. It was during this match that I found out about the surge of my criticizing instincts.

All through, I and Ray had the opportunity of being in the proximity of the amazingly cute older man-Chuck's Dad. I had imposed restrictions on myself on staring, flirting, having conversations beforehand. As it was about a month since I made the enforcement, I was feeling more at ease and actually was proud of how I carried myself there. Maybe I just overdid it by not commenting about da man's Chicken curry which was really tasting good. Today morning, when I finally realized this, I told Chuck and he smiled back at me as if to sympathize with effort that I was putting in.

I have a lot more to write about. But I'd have to postpone it to my next post because I need to run to the college hospital to sort out my admission procedure.

Jul 23, 2004


In yesterday's post I think I sounded irrational. Perhaps I was. But I don't think I am generally irrational while taking my decisions. Career still reigns supreme over all other priorities in my life. But I would love having a love-life of your dreams along with a nice and stable professional life. I'm getting a lot of response from a lot of nice persons in the mailing list that I subscribe to. I'm already having enough to think about for some time.

Another interesting thing happened yesterday. After I and Ray went to May's place to help her out, we had been suspecting that she might pick Ray's gay identity up. Well she did that yesterday. And once she asked the question "I hope Ray isn't that gay friend of yours, is he?", I couldn't resist and as a result Ray has came out of the closet twice now. She has agreed to keep it as a secret and Ray is okay with this.

I have been having this viral prodrome for four days now; sore throat, stuffy nose and slight fever. I'm not ruling out anything now; and that anything includes the worst possible scenario, but I'm sort of wondering whether it is actually as bad as it can be. It is even worse now that I need to figure out alibis to take those X-rays of my impacted canine from a dental clinic (where I used to go to) to another one run by my friend (where I plan to go to from now on). Wish me luck with this!

Funniest story ever!

I hope most of you are aware of the reason why I started blogging. It is just on the right side of this post, on the sidebar floating on the right side. Yeah, it is Faustus, MD's Search For Love In Manhattan.

If you want any good reason why, please check out this amazing work of blogging. It certainly is the most funny blog entry I've ever read. *Stands up, bows and applauds Faustus*

Jul 22, 2004

Marriage and/or Migration

Ever since I have been to my friend's wedding a couple of weeks back, I have been seriously thinking about marriage. The very thought that my so-very-radical friend could adjust and adapt to the situations that demanded him to do so, is looming large in my mind. In college, it was us two who were the odd ones out. We never believed in arranged marriage. Hell, I was a strong opponent of marriages of all kind during the days when I was still not at terms with my sexuality.

Now, I approach the concept of marriage with more confidence. Of course, what I mean by the term marriage is 'gay-marriage'. It seems like a wonderful prospect. To fall in love and marry, then share everything, have fun and of course, sex with a man of my dreams; seems so rosy. That is my dream. And it will remain a dream if I stay in India.

Gay marriage is still a long way from being accepted in India where being openly gay itself is very hard. That is why I'm considering migrating abroad. My newly-wed friend and I had a conversation about this before his marriage. He had the opinion that the US of A was not the best option for me, as I had presumed. He thought that Europe is the best place to go and lead an openly gay life and maybe even marry. Canada was another good choice in his opinion.

Now, it must a great coincidence that I have a lot of e-acquaintances from Canada. I hope I could fall in love with one of them and marry them! ;) One of them is the handsome Raul, who I had mentioned in a post some time back. I also promised that I would share with you a snap of his. I'm keeping my promise. Tell me what you think about him.

Coming back to the topic of migration; one thing that hurts me is the fact that I could have thought about this before I took my all-important decision-about how to do my post-graduation. I could have so easily opted for doing that in US/Canada and could have been studying there right now. But at that time, I wasn't even sure about my sexuality. Forget marriage. And that is why I opted to do my PG in India.

This leaves me with just one good option. To finish my MS course in India and after that try for options abroad. I'll be 28 by then. If everything works out well, I could be starting to do my two year rotation in US/Canada by the time I'm 30. But then, if that is the only way, there isn't any choice for me. Getting a visa is tough in India. I might have to get married to a person living in the country that I wish to migrate, to even get a VISA. By the time I'm 30, I hope to be in a position to tell my family that I'm gay I would only marry a man.

Wow, things look really complicated as of now. I think I'll have to read up a lot about the procedures and make my mind up in about 5 years from now. But will I be able to find my love by then?

Jul 21, 2004

Abdominal fat

I have been rambling about my physical appearance in the past few days. I am being very self-conscious about the fat content in my body and its distribution, about what kind of postures that I adopt during daily routines etc. As a matter of fact, I just repositioned myself in my un-ergonomically designed chair as soon as I typed in the word 'posture' in the last line. I'll probably do the same every time I read this post.

In the last 2 years, during my preps for the entrance exams, I gained a few pounds of abdominal fat. It is very obvious; at least to me. I have a couple of ugly love handles and I have started energetically on the sculpturing of a 'tummy', which for some unfortunate reasons, is a genetic trait having high chance of inheritance in my family. Of course, if I decide to employ almost all of the muscle fasiculi in the anterior abdominal wall, I can get away with these now.

Curiously enough, and to my dismay, my gene pool lacks those lovely alleles for a muscular physique. Up to about 2 years back, my mid-arm-circumference could easily pass as that of a kid of 10 years. I have put on some upper body muscle since then, but I'm still very thin. The disparity in the upper body mass and tummy-mass further ruins my image.

I do some exercises at home. I have a couple of dumb-bells and do some crunches. And of course, I jog as regularly as I can. But still this abdominal pad only seems to increase. Today morning, when I was waiting for Chuck to turn up for jogging, I accidentally ran my hands along my side and had the ugly sensation of palpating your own 'love handles', tense with lardaceous fat!

I badly want to go to a gym and get in shape. I want to reduce my waist line so that I can slip in my size 30 pants with ease. Right now, only some of these fit me properly. But the problem with a gym is the timing problem and the cost. The cost is actually not prohibitive. But, I'm not earning anything these days. So I have a mental block. Finding enough time should be hard when I start working (voluntarily, meaning without pay) at the hospital at the start of next month.

I don't know if I have a body image problem. Maybe I'm being just plain health conscious. Or maybe it is because I want to evergreen-attractive in the gay sense. When I say such stuff to my straight-friends, they seem to laugh me off. Of course, most of them are more out of shape that I am. That doesn't mean that I can compare with them and feel happy about myself.

Whatever it is, I need to find a solution soon. Maybe I should stop eating like a pig, which I often do. Or maybe I and Ray should pitch in and get a few more weights and make a personal gym. Ray seems to be the only other person in my life who want to keep him trim and in shape. It is funny to note that Ray is also the only gay/bi person of my age that I know in real life.

May is unwell

We live in the electronic age. It is true and the realization came a couple of days back.

The day before, when I was hanging out with Ray at my home, I received an instant message from May's mom on my MSN messenger. She informed me that May was not feeling well. She had come home early from the hospital and was feeling giddy. She had almost fallen down on arriving at home and needed to helped to a couch. She had a low back-ache and it was hurting badly. She could not even move.

I was very worried and I told May's Mom that I would come over and take a look. I showered, got dressed and took Ray along with me to May's home. She was lying on a couch. I was very glad that she was smiling on seeing me; glad because I knew it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. You can't imagine what ran through my mind when I thought of all the differential diagnoses of a low back-ache and giddiness in a young woman.

Thankfully, after I took her history and examined her, that too with my rusty clinical skills, it seemed like a simple back sprain. Besides, she was running a slight fever. If it wasn't a sprain, it should be a Viral Myalgic Syndrome. I consulted with the budding Orthopedician in Chuck as well. It was funny because this is the first time I'm seeking help from him in Orthopedics, the same field I was going to specialize in. I and Ray explained it to May's Mom who was very relieved after knowing that it wasn't serious. We bought her pain killers and asked her to take rest.

We chatted over tea and a delicious snack that May's mom had made for us. And then we departed.

I was glad that I could help my dear friends in need. I was even happier because my dear friends help me help other friends. The world seems so nice right now; like a fairy tale, with an electronic touch to it. How else can you explain why I should know about an emergency over an instant messenger, which was intended mainly for precocious pre-teens to have brainless chat sessions. The same instant messenger, by the way, is the medium blamed widely for promoting pedophilia over the internet in countries like the U. K. How ironic!


I seem to have a flurry of topics to write on. Expect a lot of posts in a short time.

A couple of days back, I was just messing around with a couple of web designing tutorials from the internet on a dull afternoon. Heavy Alternative Rock music was blaring out from my radio and to add to the bewildering array of noise, yours truly was singing along. Ray was around; he was reading a text book in the middle of this commotion. I asked him why he would be studying when he had a perfectly calm room at the hostel. He said 'Umm… I have to be distracted by something so that I could concentrate on my books.' And I thought I was an expert at dishing out oxymorons. I bow to the king!

This is one of the seemingly endless list of similarities between myself and Ray. There have been so many discovered in the past few months that I am beginning to suspect evil wizardry and black magic at work. Anyway, I too enjoy reading my books when some sort of sound is there in the background. Most of the times, it is music on the radio. I don't mind if it rock, classical or jazz or for that matter, any kind of music. Just that it shouldn't be a talk-show.

Some of the ceiling fans available in India make enough noise to shut out all kind of sounds from outside the room. This is the only reason I love and hate ceiling fans. I love 'em when I need to be distracted from a noise source - read 'my mother, relatives or any unwelcome guest'. I hate 'em when I'm watching TV because they cut out the crispness of the audio stream.

Speaking of irritating sounds, the reason why I hate watching TV at home when Mom and Dad are around is because they seem to specialize in making noises that are amazingly irritating. Wondering why? Get a load of this -- Every night, my folks watch a hopelessly shallow Tamil soap called 'Annamalai'. Everything about the soap is shallow; the story, acting, script and even the sound track. Since they both are busy watching this, no unwelcome noises are heard and it is a perfect environment for watching TV.

Right after that, it is the time for sitcoms which I love watching. I go downstairs and switch on the TV. Mom and Dad get out of the couch and do these;

  • Dad

    • Goes to his bedroom and turns on the radio moderately loud. A classical western concert is usually being played. The recording is poor and the radio is awful in sound reproduction.

    • Takes up his 'mridangam' (which by the way is a percussion instrument used in Eastern Classical music) and plays along with this. Of course, I should be enjoying this as I like all kinds of music. But what can I do if what he plays seems out-of-sync and too damn repetitive.

  • Mom

    • Goes to the kitchen and washes the dishes or does something noisy. Astonishing that she fails to realize that it is bloody irritating.

    • Talks on the phone to one of my aunts over the phone. Very loud. Conversation topics range from ordinary gossip, putting down other aunts, discussions about why the world should be coming to an end and why fate has been so cruel to them.

  • Both

    • If they both have nothing to do, they talk about things like how bad the other relatives are, why the word should be coming to an end, why fate has been so cruel to my mother, why my Dad's body should be itching at 11 O' Clock in the night etc.

You must be thinking why I can't ignore these things. I don't know why. I used to be able to during my childhood. But right now, I just seem to unable to, however hard I try. That is why I can't quite hope to watch a movie at home on the telly unless my folks are away or are sleeping. This is one big reason why I dig movie-halls. This also explains why I paid to watch "Gangs of New York" in a cinema yesterday when it was being shown thrice weekly in one of the movie channels.

Jul 20, 2004

Radical changes

I’m disappointed at the fact that I’m unable to progress with my plans to convert my website into a database based site on PHP/MySQL. I’ve been looking at some tutorials and all suggest that you can’t be a novice to do it. Therefore, I’m reconsidering my plans. I think I’m going to get a CGI/Perl template which is already available on the internet. That way I don’t need to think about buying server space as Tripod can host the site without problems.

Because of this web-designing dilema, that I’ve been postponing my plans to put on braces and to see my Urologist. Once this website-work is shoved aside, I think I will get more time to even think about this. I’ve been getting too much involved in something that should always remain as a hobby; a hobby which should be under control as well.

Mr. Lion now is a proud grandfather! He must be so happy! He became one on Sunday. He is very busy tending to his fatherly/grand-fatherly duties these days; so busy that he has partly forgotten his fatherly duties to me and Ray. I’m just kidding. We two are really happy for him.

I’ve been very fortunate to get e-acquainted with the most handsome person that I have ever met online. He is of Mexican descent and works as a flight attendant. We have been interacting over e-mail for the past few days and seem to get along well. I have to admit that he’s so near my kinda physical-perfection that I’m drooling over him in my e-mails. I’ll ask him if I can post his picture on my weblog so that you can appreciate his cuteness.

This guy has complimented me enough on my looks to redeem my self-esteem. I’m feeling happy now!

Jul 18, 2004

Physically unattractive?

I have a big problem. I think I am being neglected/ignored by far too many persons whom I know in real life. This has been happening to me from the time I can remember. And I do not enjoy it. Not even a bit. And it hurts.

Take the case of this friend’s wedding I attended recently. I happened to be one of only TWO friends of his attending the wedding at a city far away from our home. I was with the marriage party for close to two whole days. And I am relatively tall enough to be noted by any interested onlooker.

On the reception at my home town a couple of days after the actual wedding ceremony, I had the displeasure of being introduced by my Mom and Dad to the bridegroom’s family. They seemed to simply think that I was meeting them for the first time. Funny that I should know so much about four of them and none of them even remembered me. Okay, I might not be very attractive physically. But that should at least make them aware of my presence I guess.

This happens time and again, day in day out in my life. Today, when Ray, Chuck and I went to a restaurant to have lunch, a colleague of ours spent 10 long minutes catching up with my friends while not even bothering to look at my face. Maybe I HAVE a horrible face.

One reason why I’m so e-active is because I get more attention online than I can ever hope to get in real life. Take this blog as an example—At least 5 persons who I have not met in real life go through this blog everyday. Some of them even bother to comment about me and my life. The reason perhaps is that they don’t need to visualize me during this process.

Facts are facts and they must be accepted as they are. But they hurt, and hurt badly. I think I'm going to need some plastic surgery to improve my social skills.

Jul 16, 2004

An enjoyable trip

It is nice to be back after a tour to attend my friend’s wedding. It was a pleasant experience. Despite the fact that the wedding was a drawn-out, boring process, I had a nice time mainly because there were a couple of attractive older men in the bridegroom’s (my friend) party. One of them was his Dad and my friend knows about this. But he knows that I won’t do anything stupid.

One of the things that I was really worried about while planning this trip was if and how I’ll get along with a friend of mine who always seems to get to my nerves. We have had our share of squabbles in the past and are currently cool with each other. But I’m very uncomfortable around him and have been trying my best to avoid meeting him as much as I can. To my surprise, we found a couple of common topics on which we held the same general stand and spent almost the whole time on the train, to and fro, discussing them. That left me with very few instances of annoying remarks from him.

Along with that I got some quality time with my sister. I went to her home and spent a couple of hours with the in-laws. Like my friend, they were very nice as well.

Finally after coming back, I am feeling good about the trip. I am happy to have given Ray and Chuck some gifts that I bought and I’m actually giving my newly wed friend a gift at the reception party in my town today evening. I like this a lot. I’m thinking of the days when I never believed in giving gifts. I didn’t have any quality friends then.

The only let down in the scheme of things at present is the fact that my weirdo friend K is pissed after I refused him time at my PC. I really think that I had a genuine reason, and therefore, I’m not feeling too bad about this.

Jul 12, 2004

Get-together with school mates

Yesterday was a hopeless day for me thanks to a get-together with my classmates from school. I never liked my days in school. There was a remarkable consistency in the lowliness in every conceivable aspect my school life. Undereducated neurotic fools with mannerisms donned the role of teachers. I was known as the geek who topped exams regularly and because of this status, everyone acted funny with me. Being the youngest in my class, I was pushed around in the playground and was considered immature for naughty jokes and porn. It was a boys-only school which meant that everyone, except me, was fascinated by a particular page on the biology textbook dealing with the female reproductive system. To sum up, it was like hell with the difference that it was hopelessly less exciting.

I started from home thinking that I could pull it off the experiences of self-realization in my adult life. I was SO wrong. The initial exchange of pleasantries was the only enjoyable bit. From then on, things went from good to bad to worse to hopeless—read—discussion about what we’ve been upto TO delusion of grandeur because of being successful in life even after passing out of such a shabby school TO amazingly cheap jokes and deceitful heterosexist remarks TO the apparent lack of purpose in their lives apart from getting it on with a woman, of course.

Mr. PerfectI was feeling rotten. I was lost. I was gay. In reality, I’m not rotten, nor am I lost and I AM very glad to be gay. But even the thought of coming out to these guys seems more of an impossibility than getting Bush to spell the word ‘possibility’.

Life doesn’t get any easier for me, at least in the next four days. I’m going on a trip to attend a friend’s wedding with a ‘friend’ of mine who pisses me off about 4 times in ten minutes every time we meet. Wish me luck, everyone. The only things that have cheered me up in the last two days – chatting with Mr. Lion who seems to get more attractive by the day and the discovery of a sketch of my perfect older man.

Jul 10, 2004

Web robbery & Omar Sharif

Today, I did something criminal. No, I didn't get arrested by the police while doing 'unnatural sexual practices' as explained in the article 377 IPC. I did something on the internet. I copied a layout design of a popular website on the internet which I stumbled across while searching for tutorials. Of course I'm not going to give you details because I'm sure most of you will forget about this when I get my website running. And I'm sure I'm due for some praise.

Hidalgo movie posterBut seriously, I'm feeling guilty about doing something that I profess against. But it's okay I guess because I'm learning by fiddling around with someone else's design. Such messing around really teaches a lot. It is like a guided 'hands-on-tutorial'. I'm making some solid progress on this last two days. Once I get my layout right, getting it up on the internet should be easy as I have most of the content ready already.

Time for older men. After a period of two weeks, which felt more like two years, I went to the movies with Ray and watched 'Hidalgo'. The movie as such is just okay. But it does give a lot of 'food for thought' for guys like us. Omar Sharif is very attractive in the movie. Especially with the kind of facial hair he sports in his role as a Sheikh. He would end up in my WHILTHS list soon I guess. It gets even better if he sports a stubble like this.

Omar Sharif in the movie Mr. Ibrahim

Jul 8, 2004

Luncheon with a weirdo

Yesterday was very depressing; so depressing that I didn't feel posting despite the fact that I had so many topics to write about. For two days, I was stuck to my CSS layout making no progress. Everything I had tried ended in a total mess and I thought I needed to drop this idea about re-doing the website. Thankfully, today was a better day. I think I've gained some ground; something which I hope to confirm tomorrow. I'm feeling better. And that is why I'm posting.

The day before, I was lunch with Ray and my name-alike friend (who I'll refer to as Unni from hereon). Unni, by default, is very weird. He is hard to make sense of because of his fast articulation. He also tends to do many things that are unacceptable in social etiquette. We pretend to ignore his shortcomings and attribute them to his rather traumatic childhood. But this time he was even weirder.

Imagine having five separate conversations with friends going on at the same time. That is difficult enough. But what if it was with the same person? That would be unimaginably complicated. That is what happened.

Picture this. Us three sitting at a restaurant having ordered 'thali meals' for each of us. It's a busy hour and we are waiting for the food to arrive.

Unni says, "Busy day at work. I'm tired and I'm very hungry." Looking at Ray he adds, "You ass, what about tomorrow's presentation?"

Ray says, "I have to go to the library to read a few journals in the afternoon. Care to give me some company?"

"Sorry," says Unni, "I still have a couple of patients to see. What is going on these days at the specialty postings anyway? Dude, I need to start reading. How is your Cardiology going?"

Ray says, "Things are not all well. I'm getting to learn things the hard way. Chief isn't happy with me at all. I totally messed up the findings of a patient. Got the timing of the heart sounds…"

Unni cuts in, "Tell me all about Cardiology auscultation and percussion. Start from the basics. Dude, I need to learn. Shit, what's with the food? It's been 20 minutes since we arrived. What are these SOBs thinking? You know, these Nephrologists and Cardiologists… they are messing the whole system. The side effects of the drugs which Cardiologists prescribe are the reason why the Nephrologist are getting their patients. You know what, you should never take up a specialization. Stick to to being a physician. A physician is the best way to go!"

At this point I entered the conversation and voiced my opinion about specialists. The argument seemed to go on well until Unni suddenly interrupted me by asking Ray, "What happened at the party yesterday. You were totally stoned. Saying a lot of bullshit. What if she had heard what you said?" While he is saying this, he pokes in his ear with the ear pieces of his spectacles. Ray shudders.

When Ray tries to answer him, Unni carries on with his concepts about specialists. At one point, when the discussion was hovering around Cardiologists, I interrupted saying, "Hey, you promised you would give me my stethoscope back a month back. Am I getting it back?" A smile came over Unni's face and he said "Kris, you are so nice. Don't you believe me when I say that I'll give it back to you?"

I say, "Yeah right. You said sometime back that you'll give it back to me in 2 days. Why, why should I believe in what you say?" He says, "I'll give it back in 2 weeks. Sure. Please..." Suddenly, he turns to Raghu and adds, "You ass, you should have not gotten that drunk yesterday. You know I drank almost as much as you but was totally under control. Never lost it. What happened to the damned waiters? Bud, we should walk out of this crappy restaurant if the food doesn't get served in under five minutes from now." And he starts counting down looking at his watch.

This is how the conversation carried on for another 10 minutes until the food arrived. While we were eating, Unni couldn't contribute too much because he was preoccupied with the fast-disappearing contents of his plate. I was contemplating saving money to buy another Littmann stethoscope. And when we left the restaurant, I was wondering if I would live to see the day when I could have a sane conversation with Unni.

Jul 6, 2004

Docker ditched me

I guess I should have seen it coming when he started saying weird things about me. The actual ditching process was arrogantly wicked. I had e-mailed him if I found me so annoying as to stop chatting with me and had suggested that if that was the case, we should stop interacting altogether. He edited the text that I had typed deleting everything but this - 'we should stop interacting altogether'. I'm sad to lose a very knowledgeable friend. But I don't think that I have done anything wrong.

It is funny that he should ditch me on the day when I found that my nick name Kris has a hurtful meaning;

Kris: Malay or Indonesian dagger with a wavy-edged blade.

In the last three days, I've found about half a dozen interesting blogs to read. I have actually started gathering a list of them which is on display on the sidebar on the right above my 'Previous Posts'. Jalal's Search for Love in Karachi, so curiously named like Faustus MD's inspiration blog, is probably the one which I most enjoyed reading. The others whose style I'm still getting used to are Sarah with her Tales of Ordinary Madness and Sin with his Venial Sin: Culture Chameleon.

As my irrepressable hunger to write about myself rages on, I'm amassing plenty--and when I say plenty, I mean it--of text for my personal website. Sometimes it is boring and I wish I could stop. But it cetainly helps if you get comments about this blog from someone as important as Mr. Lion himself. He actually typed in

"... is just fantastic. I do not want to boost your morale unreasonably, but i get a feeling that you are developing a fine talent. Your writing reminded me of Frank Kafka or Sharti Brata. Please keep it up. It gave a fine (though long) reading to me. All the same, I appreciate your style."

As I come to terms with issues in my life regarding lengths, I'm glad I've found one where I need to decrease, rather than increase that of something. ;-)

Wow! But I have to admit that I didn't even know who these two authors were until I looked them up on the internet. But I'm sad that I couldn't find more about their work. With suspicion of being deceived by flattery lurking in the background, I felt elated. And to add to this, I've been commented upon by a few of my readers. I feel very good about this.

Tiger & PigletsOne strange feeling that is seeping over me is a desire to become a pig. Not any darned pig, of course. I would give up all of the rest of my life; rest meaning the part I haven't been talking about, for becoming a piglet like the one in the picture. For those still not getting the point, I love Cats - specifically Tigers and a certain breeds of Lions! The only disgusting part of the photo is it's source; NewsIsCrappy.com. It's a pity that these people find such cute stories attractive.

Jul 5, 2004

Lying friends?

I'm learning HTML like crazy these past few days and as you might have noticed, I've been using the knowledge I’m gaining in the last few posts on this blog. Since it is turning out to be a pleasant experience, I'm currently working on a personal website describing myself and my life; something which, I hope, will be a welcome addition to my internet presence and something which the readers can refer back to and reflect upon.

That is the reason why, apart from checking my mail and checking a few other NEW blogs, about which I’ll write in an upcoming post, I have been sitting on at desk going on and on and on, typing about myself. I enjoyed it for the first 5 odd pages in my text processor when words were flowing like a jungle river. But things were different after an interruption of the most irritating type.

My namesake in real life, who is also a class mate of mine, had been my close friend until I found my new set of friends. We used to share everything at one time. After all, he was the first person I came out to. He has had his share of problems in life, some of which led me to firmly believe that the problems I have in mine are outright silly. Therefore, I have always tried to give room for him in my life because I felt like I have to help him out. Always.

Lately I've been suspecting that he has been making use of this freedom. He often rings me up late in the night, sometimes without any conceivable reason, rudely awakening my parents from their sleep. He comes to my place just to use my computer at odd times despite having a computer at home and having access to other computers in the hospital. His excuse would be that his own computer 'is not working'. He even goes through the personal messages on my mobile phone which has put me in several uncomfortable situations. I have tried to suggest to him that it is starting to get annoying and he always seems to shrug off my suggestions mostly by laughing or joking about them.

Yesterday, something happened of that sort. I was busy typing when he called. I tried putting him off but I'm very bad at that and ended up agreeing a one hour deal with him on my computer. I thought I will watch the Wimbledon final between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick. He came and I went down to watch TV. Well after the allotted one hour, I went up to ask him if he was close to winding up. He said "Sorry, but there is still more work" in a most fake kind of way that I felt like not looking at his face. To control myself, I had to take my guitar and play something to overcome my annoyance.

After a few minutes, I asked my friend. "Boy, if I were you, I would be running out of here as soon as I passed my time-limit." He said "Kris, you are just too good to be true." Although it didn’t, and doesn’t even now, make sense, I said "These days, I am very conscious about myself being a pain-in-the-ass to others. I think I'm beginning to be neurotic." He didn't reply. The sheer discomfort of the developing situation made me say that I will go out and get some dinner. I asked him that I would like him to finish his work before I returned.

Back after dinner, I was surprised to see that my friend had gone. I felt happy about how it ended; so happy that I thought I'll watch the Wimbledon match again. Not even ten minutes had passed before my friend came again. Now the excuse was that he couldn't open the file he had just made at his home computer!

Wait a minute! Was he lying about his computer? I felt horrible. Friends were lying to me and making use of me. But I played nice again. I actually watched some tennis with him trying consciously to avoid thinking about what had happened. I was so engrossed with concealing my feelings that I had to fumble through the stack of newspapers very clumsily, unlike the normal me, to find out last Sunday's crossword so that I could cross-check it with the solution for it published this Sunday.

Thankfully, a call from my long lost friend who is getting married in under 2 weeks time saved me from further discomfort. I talked to him over the phone for over half an hour and by the time I had finished, my friend had finished saving his work again to his floppy diskette and gone.

I must comment about the quality of tennis at this point in my post. It was simply breathtaking. Ballistic serves and fore-hands from from Roddick and elegant, graceful, flowing, classic tennis from Federer. I was instantly wondering what I have been missing in the past few years when I couldn't find enough time to watch sport on TV. But then, there will be times like these where compromises need to be made.

Back to my day-By the time, my friend departed, it was already too late to start on my monologue about myself as the Euro 2004 final was starting soon. I watched the splendid match; many would disagree to this I'm sure. I could watch the match only till my cable company screwed the whole thing up late in the first half! How mad I was at that time! First, I thought of waiting. I even tried staring at the in an effort to coaxe it back to life! After about half and hour, I thought this was not going to work out and decided to hit the sack. Before I did that, I switched on BBC World Service on my radio.

The match was on! Whoa! Fans screaming and perceptibly-excited commentators screaming on top of their lungs describing advances made by either of the teams; It was riveting! It was simply very exhilarating just to listen to it. I was left wondering why the TV commentary should sound so insipid.

Otto RehhagelI thought I would re-start typing on my monologue. But now, the words were not flowing. I was feeling bored typing what I was typing. It was not happening for me. But it was certainly happening for Greece. They went on to win 1 - 0! I bow to the splendid work ethic of the team and execution of the tactics deviced by the coach Otto Rehhagel! In fact so much so, that I'm getting attracted to him already.

The cable connection was restored just after the long whistle at the end of extra time of the second half. I went down to see the celebration of the Greeks and the presentation ceremony. It was wonderful. I felt a tinge of sadness when I saw the face of Figo, Rui Costa and Couto. They all were from the golden generation of Portugese football which promised so much for the passionate nation, but delivered nothing.

Luiz Felipe ScolariI have to admit that the best moment of my day was in the pre-match show when an interview with Scolari was being shown. Oh, he's so cute! He is so expressive. I felt that I was just melting into the couch I was sitting on when he explained how he would react if Portugal go on and win the tournament by a gesture - he pointed out where the his lips are at that point with his two fingers and then dragged these fingers to points bilaterally symmetrical in front of his ears to show that he would be smiling that big! In the end he didn't end up smiling at all. That was disheartening too.

I never meant to let this post go to this length. But I am trying not to put any restrictions on what comes out of me. That is the way, I've been told, to write engaging stuff. I hope this is true and you find this interesting.

Jul 3, 2004

My "With Him, I'd Like To Have Sex" (WHILTHS) list

In the last few days, I've been referring to a list of Persons with whom I would like to have sex. Since I'm learning HTML from its very basics, I thought why not make a list in HTML coding? This, folks, is the final result. I spent about a quarter of an hour trying to figure out a name for this list so that the initial letters would become an easy acronymn. And that is why this is called "With Him, I'd Like To Have Sex" (WHILTHS) list. Those who are waiting with bated breaths to see if you have made it must note that the names are not arranged in any order of preference.

For those who have missed out; this list will be updated regularly. Therefore you have every chance to make it sooner than later. As a generous gesture to help out the not-so-lucky-ones, who may also be referred to as 'losers', I'm putting a list of my turn-ons at the end of this post. I advise you to keep trying! Not to forget my e-buddies - a separate section is in the offing. Come on and please me baby and find your name on the list! ;-)

Movie Stars

TV Personalities

Football Personalities

Cricket Personalities

Other Sport Personalities


This is going to strange because there are many in here who are not old enough to fit my regular criteria. But then, their skill in music is simply beyond my imagination and has inspired me in my musical aspirations. That's the reason why they are in.

World Politics


Persons from my personal life

The problem with this part of the list is that I can't reveal the identities. This is the largest part of the list. I hope I'll be able to uncover the identities of at least some of them as time goes by.

  • Mr. Lion
  • A Professor from Medical School
  • 4 Teachers from High School
  • 2 Professors from College
  • Fathers of about a dozen friends
  • A couple of local politicians
  • 4 neighbors
  • A few uncles

The features that I look for in an older man

There are some qualities I look for in older men which could help in your valiant efforts to gain a position on this prestigious list. I'll try to list a few of them. Basic pre-requisite is an age above 50 with graying hair. All the best!

  • Moustache + Cigar

  • Moustache + Attitude

  • Goatee and Moustache

  • Lots of scalp hair

  • A great smile

  • Revealing posture

  • Power persona

  • Teacher, Professor + Knowledge

  • English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Aussie accent

  • Humor and fun loving nature

  • Husky Voice

  • Unawareness of the existence of a brand of clothing known as underwear

The demise of the great Marlon Brando

The 'Godfather' has finally parted ways with us. In a remarkable career full of controversies and brilliance, Marlon Brando gave us a lot to cherish with his astonishing portrayals of characters. And for this reason, for the third day in consecution, I'm using photos in my blog entries. The reason is the same. I adore this guy! And he, as you might have guessed by now, is on my WHILTHS list. Like Saddam, he lost some of his voluptuousness as the years ticked by, mainly due to his weight problem. Here's why.

Marlon in GodfatherMarlon in his later years
Marlon in GodfatherMarlon in his later years

It might a stark coincidence to note that the first picture should come from a site called Moustache Database. Most of my best men would be on that database I'm sure. If there is any other database that might reveal my favorites, it might be called 'Frown-lines on the forehead Database'. Marlon, Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, and Sean Connery - they all have such sexy foreheads when they frown!

I've been reading up about Marlon's career on New York Times and there were a lot of things which I thought I should quote here and comment about.

In addition to physical beauty, Brando brought psychological torment, moral ambivalence, savage intensity and a smoldering, at times oddly ambiguous, sexuality.
Now, I don't think I should search further for reasons why I like him as much as I do. Maybe it's the gaydar thing!
"Whenever we want something from somebody or when we want to hide something or pretend, we're acting. Most people do it all day long."
I really believe in what Brando is saying here. In fact I think that is what I'm doing each and every living moment.
Jack Nicholson, who co-starred with Mr. Brando in "The Missouri Breaks," (1976) and was a friend and neighbor for many years, termed him "a genius who was the beginning and end of his own revolution."

Mr. Nicholson said that Mr. Brando was the reason that he - and many other actors of his generation - entered the profession. "I was in high school when I saw `The Wild One,' " Mr. Nicholson said."He changed my life forever."
All throughout reading the article, I wish I was someone who knew Marlon in real life. But at this point, I wish I was Marlon himself. He lived next door to Jack Nicholson and they have been great friends! Come on, what I have I done to receive this tormenting? And I could have changed Jack's life forever if he had allowed me to! ;)

Docker hasn't yet replied to me about what he thought about chatting after what had happened between us in the past few days. I am hoping that he would adjust with my 'limitations'. I haven't heard from Mr. Lion again since he replied after a gap. Maybe he is busy taking care of daughter before her delivery. I should allow him some room here, I guess.

Things are starting look brighter in my hobby field. Yesterday, I took a couple of books from the library about HTML and PHP. I'm going through the HTML books as I type because I'm using my HTML to design this little post here itself. Why such a sudden impetus? Well, because I got another offer from a person who owns a big shot in the Medical PG field on the internet to host my website on his servers. I really thought I should upgrade my website before I think about hosting options. The owner of the SilverDaddies.com site was also generous to help me out with my nagging doubts. I am grateful for that.

I've been writing some mails to my sister. But she apparently doesn't get time to read through these. I know things are not 'bright' with her in laws. But I think my BIL and Sis should try and read through what I write and reply the situation demands it. I don't know if I should excuse her for being lazy. But do I have another option?

Jul 2, 2004

I love Saddam!

I know that the in-thing these days is Photoblogging. But it's not due to that reason that I'm posting so many photos in my posts, as I'm going to today for example.

I have been bragging about my WHILTHS list. Yes, so from the time of the Kuwaiti invasion in early 90s (I know some of you would positively stop breathing when I finish this sentence), Saddam Hussein has been in there. If you are not seeing the light in my argument, this is why.

If you still don't like him try these.

At least this should get yourself attracted!

I know that I'm crazy about him. But, don't you see the reason? Come on, wasn't he cute? Didn't he hold a powerful position? Doesn't he look downright - I mean business - kinda guy? But as many older men, he hasn't gotten any better with age. Check these pics out to find why.

Maybe it's because he didn't have nourishment during the months of refuge in that pit. Maybe he is having some other affliction (I heard that he might have cancer). But anyhow, he's not as hot anymore.

Mr. Lion's computer finally is back up and running. You know the funny thing in his mails is the way he conceals the words like sex, fellatio with words like 'discussion' and 'active participation' etc. This reads crazy when you actually are reading mails. I guess this is to keep himself under cover, from his family, about his gay identity.

Mr. Docker is acting serious and weird these days. The other day, he was offended(although he has not admitted yet that he was) when I asked him to read my blog. He said that he would like to know more about me before reading the blog as he thought that it was intrusion of privacy otherwise. That is strange enough for me. He went on to say that I keep on changing topics in chat and that when he wants to continue on a particular topic, I am tenacious. Today morning, he asked me a set of short, direct questions. I answered them. He asked me if I would like to ask some about him. As I was chatting with a few others at the same time, I took some time in replying. I apologized and explained this. He winded up the chat saying 'Next time I send you a greeting, if you are already engaged in chatting with someone else, please tell me. I prefer to chat one-on-one, without competition. Good night.' Is this strange or what? Maybe it's the age factor - he is 75!

I don't know if you have heard of them, Red Rain, a gospel (I presume) band from the New Zealand which performed in my town yesterday. I and Ray had almost decided on going. But the gospel thing put us off. Even their website is in an *.org domain! We spent the evening doing a crossword instead. I am wondering if I have squandered an opportunity to see a rock band in action. It's so rare a phenomenon in this part of the world!

Jul 1, 2004

A get-together which wasn't horrible

My mother retired voluntarily from serving the Central Government for over 40 years yesterday. She was an employee of Department of Posts. There was an official sending off function at the office and a lot of her colleagues gave her a farewell accompanying her home. She, as I can understand very well, was very touchy about this. This was probably one of the moments in her humble career-one in which she had to sacrifice promotions for staying with her family. She used to be considered as a trust-worthy, reliable, efficient person at her office; almost the exact opposite to what she was in her family's eyes. Apart from this, I know how a work environment can liberate oneself from the limitations imposed by the family structure. I knew my mother enjoyed working immensely. But as she was tiring, she had to compromise on that to enjoy a quiet retired life.

Anyway, the point that I'm trying to make is that I knew how important this was to her. And that is why I did my level best to get everything ready for the guests. I spent almost all day doing that hoping to make her feel really good about it all. And it worked! And I'm happy; maybe even proud!

Apart from her colleagues, almost everyone from my father's side of the family came for the function. Some even got her gifts! You should have seen the thrilled look on her face when she opened up the package with the Mysore Silk Saree, an expensive one, which my sister and in-laws had sent! Everything was so bright and happy! One any other day, this kind of get-together could have been one of my nightmares-I would get stuck in these pointless arguments with my relatives about topics such as religion and marriage. But it wasn't in the end! It was actually fun! I enjoyed being the "nu" Me; somone who is mature enough, and matured enough in the eyes of others, to not be tampered with in his concepts about various issues. Would you believe that I actually enjoyed recording the new mallu hit "Lajjavathiye" with me on the guitar and my cousins on vocals?! This remarkable step in my musical career can be looked at as a deterioration in the quality of music that I play. Or maybe just expanding one's own horizons. I take the second.

I never want to get too serious about anything in life, at least for a prolonged period of time. That is why I'm giving you this piece of info about the origin of the "Man with the Moustache". I adore men with moustaches; they are the sensitive stimuli for my Gaydar. But this one's actually a bit too straight for my pleasure. But it's fun!

The origin of "Man with a Moustache" - straight version Posted by Hello

Doctor's day!

Go Portugal, go! Go Scolari, go! Yes, he was looking really hot yesterday when the Portugese played sublime football the go past Holland to the Euro 2004 Final. It was funny that the TV anchor (John Dykes on Star Sports) should point out similarity between the looks of Luiz Felipe Scolari and Gene Hackmann. Being the crazy nut I'm, you'd expect the proof, which is below! Woof!

Luiz Felipe Scoloari

Gene Hackman
Luiz Felipe Scolari Gene Hackman

I guess this occasion calls for Scolari to be added as the latest entry in my "With Him, I'd Like To Have Sex" List (WILTHS List). Gene was already in there long time back.

A few weeks earlier, I was talking about the rumor of a gay minister being in the Indian Cabinet. Since then, the thread of the discussion in the Yahoo! Group Gay_Bombay where this info was posted has revealed two other personalities; a couple of Chief Ministers, including one who's presently holding post and a former prime minister. None of the members have gone on to point out who these persons are. The closest I could get to guessing was that the former gay Chief Minister is the late Mr. Rajesh Pilot (I hope I'm not mistaken) and the former Prime Minister - Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Today, July 1st, is Doctor's day! I wish all my fellow colleagues on the occasion. And to just to pep things up, I'm posting a medical-related joke.

A lady walked into a pharmacy and spoke to the pharmacist. She asked, "Do you have Viagra?"
"Yes," he answered. She asked, "Does it work?"
"Yes," he answered.
"Can you get it over the counter?" she asked.
"I can if I take two," he answered.