Aug 22, 2011

I have started hating Apple

This Saturday, I bought myself an iPod shuffle with the gift vouchers that I got from the office. I was very happy to have bought my first Apple product. I came home, excitedly unwrapped the cute little glass box that it came in.

The packing was excellent. There was a pair of earphones and the USB cable for charging/syncing the iPod. But there was no instruction manual or guides. Well, it must be really simple, I thought.

So, I plugged the iPod in to the computer. The nightmare began. First it wouldn’t get installed properly. Then, I tried transferring some songs with Winamp and Media Monkey. That didn’t work. Then I Googled to find out what was wrong.

I found that iTunes was a compulsory installation for syncing iPods. After that got downloaded, I had to restart my computer and then I still faced several problems before finally being able to transfer songs using Media Monkey. In between, I tried tried the support at to find out that it didn’t offer live assistant support for iPod Shuffles! Fuck you, Apple!

I test drove it on the road today. The quality of sound was good, but the earphones tended to fall out of my ears. All in all, a perfectly annoying experience.

Going by this, I have to think twice before going for other products like iPhones, Macbooks etc.


Anonymous said...

when i first bought my ipod touch, 3 years back, it was my first apple product as well. and i had a hard time transferring songs to it as well, but once i learned it, now its a piece of cake. i think itunes is a very good software, every new gadget and software is a pain initially. as much as i dont care for full of themselves snob employees of apple, i do love apple products, i have an ipod touch, a macbook pro and soon will be getting an iphone.

Kris Bass said...

Well, I have figured it out myself too. But I still prefer Media Monkey to iTunes for syncing.

Thanks for the comment!