Aug 12, 2011

New refrigerator

I can’t believe how friends from around the world influence me (usually positively). I have a friend from Palm Springs, CA on who I’m interested in me (and who is interested in me too, I believe). We know each other for a while because we chat in a chat room *(the room that I met Vinokur, Blummer, etc., in).
Anyway, we were chatting about my general lifestyle and my friend gives very good advice on the same. He wants me to improve my diet and as a first step, he asked me buy a refrigerator that works (the old one doesn’t really work properly). He coaxed me to put it as first priority. And I did!
I completed the transaction for a new 250-L Samsung 5-star 2-door refrigerator! It will be delivered tomorrow and I have to go shopping to fill it up with goodies – most importantly, fruits, veggies, and meat!
Thank you, dear friend!

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