Aug 16, 2011

Waking up to chirping birds

So, I ran out of my medications (for depression and anxiety) yesterday. I went to the pharamacist to refill my quota, but I found the shop closed – it was Independence Day. So, I came back home and was worried about me having difficulties falling asleep.

I took precautionary measures – had an early meal, took an extra antihistamine pill other than the one that I take for my chronic urticaria, poured myself a couple of drinks of whiskey and sipped them while watching back-to-back episodes of Battlestar Galactica (which, by the way, is simply amazing).

This was only interrupted by an intermittent, exchange of romantic notes (over e-mails) with a wonderful man that I had met on I couldn’t really fall asleep despite it all.

At 2.30 am, I stopped watching BattleStar Galactica, switched on some music, and tried to sleep. Soon, I drifted on to a shallow sleep cycle, marred by dreams/nightmares – the music still helped.

At 6.15 am, I woke up to the wonderful sounds of birds chirping. This was the first time that I had heard that in months – or even more – the last time I heard that, I woke up next to a wonderful man in a beautiful apartment near Pali hill in Bandra.

I want to do this more. I want to wake up more frequently to the bird’s chirping. Will I be able to?

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