Apr 10, 2011

Navjot Singh Sidhu among others

About a week back, I read on my Twitter timeline a tweet from an anchor on Extraaa Innings, the pre- post-show for IPL matches, that the anchor team was really good this time around. I immediately replied to him asking him if what he meant was that Sidhu wasn't going to be around time time around. Although I didn't get a reply, I hoped that there won't be any Sidhu.

Three days into IPL 4, I'm already tired of all the bullshit that you have to deal with to watch some interesting cricket. Apart from the incredibly annoying Sidhu, the "DLF maximums," the "Citi moment of successes," the "Karbon Kamaal Katches" and "Maxx Mobile Strategic Time Outs" are really making this a pain.

If the sponsors don't realize it by now, we are in it for the cricket and not the "entertainment."

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