Apr 16, 2011

Family drama

My folks have found a buyer for our old house and they are almost on the verge of selling it. Once the transaction is done, they will be left with a lot of money. They insist that I receive a share of it.

Going by the past history between me and my folks, if thing have to ever improve, money should not be a part of our relationship. I have clearly indicated that I don’t want any money from them. But my Mom keeps on insisting. This situation makes me not want to video chat with her anymore.


scratchpost said...

you are an offspring of your parents.
it's not money they are adding to the relationship nah? it may be saying you a are part of them. they are a part of you. it's nature. and it's love.

Kris Bass said...

We have had big problems in the past. Avoiding exchanges of money is the best way to solve them, IMO!