Apr 22, 2011

Are you still on those pills?

I was at the venue of the gig yesterday. The band was having dinner. After I finished mine, I opened my backpack and took out of pills (for depression and chronic urticaria) and laid them on the table so that I can take them.

My good friend and band mate who was watching me do it asks me: “Are you still on those pills? Why are you still depressed?” I tried to tell him the facts – that I’m suffering fro depression and am under therapy for it. He still didn’t get it.

This is the state with most people who don’t understand mental illnesses. They think that such illnesses come and go as and when you want them to, and that when situations change, the illnesses disappear by themselves.

All I want to say is this. Clinical depression doesn’t go away when situation becomes better. It needs continuous therapy from which people benefit. If you were not aware of this, now that you have read this, please don’t ask such questions to your friend/family when they bring such topics up.


Anonymous said...

not only you are very delusional, you are in constant denial about the fact that you chose the wrong path of pursuing a career in music. you should have stuck to surgery, you would have been much happier, now all you do is look for excuses and try to avoid people because you know you are a failure while you could have been very successful. you are delusional but dont think we are as well. and clinical depression does go away in a lot of cases when the situation becomes better, my cousin is a doctor in usa and her specialty is child psychiatry, we often talk about depression.

Kris Bass said...

Thanks for your insightful comments. Clearly, you don't know how therapy for depression works.

Anonymous said...

I just read the first guy's comment. Even if it is a year later - it still made me depressed (not rhetorical - i am actually depressed). Clearly his conversations with his cousin make him a bonafide doctor. Not.