Apr 9, 2011

Another dream realized

Tonight, performing with the band Jar Of Flies to a packed venue full of cheering fans at B69 (Bajaao), I payed tribute to Alice In Chains, the band that inspired me be a musician. We played Alice In Chain's MTV Unplugged set almost completely (just missing out on one song because of lack of time), after which we played a small, tight electric set.

By doing what I did, I completed a wonderful circle of life. I still remember the days in the late 90s when I used to jam Alice In Chains with S on the drums. Tonight S was in the audience and he came up to me and said "You lived one more of your dreams! I'm proud of you!

Thanks to Howie, Nicky, Mikey, and Sheldy (the other members of Jar of Flies) for helping me live my dream!

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