Apr 15, 2011

How did it end up like this?

I can’t explain it. It’s part telephobia. It’s almost like selective telephobia. I didn’t pick up a call from my sister today. I sent her an SMS saying that I didn’t feel like talking. She was apparently just trying to wish me a happy Keralaite New Year, and was extremely disappointed.

The only calls that I pick up without much of a problem are those from my band mates and those from my friends from abroad (older friends). Sometimes, I pick up anonymous calls, and if I find that they are telemarketers, I hang up almost instantly. Not even a courtesy “No thanks!”

The persons who I make calls to are even more restrictive – band mates and and my friends from abroad. The calls to band mates are strictly business-like, whereas to my friends from abroad, I open up and talk a bit. No family. No best friends. No college mates. No colleagues/ex-colleagues.

Yet, I’m much better off talking to people who I’m comfortable with on text/video chat than anything else. I haven’t a fucking clue as to how things ended up like this.


Anonymous said...

no college mates... because you kicked your medical degree and jumped on the loser wagon to musicville. now musicville hasnt yielded much and it isnt going to and now its too late for you to get back to surgery, basically you are a lost cause now. trust me nobody wants to hang out with losers. and you are embarrassed because all your college friends are doing far far better than you.

Kris Bass said...

You are entitled to your opinion. But I disagree.

If you must know, I have been telephobic to my best friends even when I was doing my residency.


drsidd said...

thats so rude of mr.anonymous...i can totally relate to u kris..

Anonymous said...

From one anonymous to another - say something positive, use your true identity or SHUT UP.

The real loser here is Y-O-U. Get a life, dude.