Apr 1, 2009

You know your life sucks when...

Scenario 2
  • You need to buy a couple of mugs, a pen stand and a small pillow cushion for use at work place
  • You pick up lovely stuff at Landmark, only to put them back on the racks in front of the salesman because of their price
  • You have to explain to the salesman 'I'm not carrying cash, you see.'
  • You wander off to the perfume section and find the same perfume that you had so fondly sent to the love of your life, which never got to him
  • You ask for its price and walk away without making eye contact with the lady at the counter
  • You go down to Archie's gallery, to find even better, but still unaffordable mugs
  • You end up pushing and shoving inside the smelly Big Bazaar to buy your stuff for under 300 Rs.

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