Apr 24, 2009

Dress code

In the last few months, I have dressed up in a similar fashion for my gigs. I haven't blogged about it yet, I think. Well, it's an addition of a hat (cowboy/fedora) and a tie on a shirt/trouser combo.

It's a gimmick. But it makes me feel different. As is evident, rock music has always been associated with style and dressing. Any musical concert transcends the realm of music to invade that of a stage performance. It's rehearsed, there is a stage with props (guitars, amps etc.) and the characters sometimes have scripted lines. So why miss out on the dressing part? Why not separate yourself from the crowd?

Dressing up is always nice, I feel. Shopping for it is even better. I had a few semi-formal shirts and trousers (back from the hospital days). I spent meagerly for the hats and the ties and that's it. I have a look. I'll let you judge it when I put in a few recent pics of mine. Soon, I promise.


Firebolt said...

I love ties! Coincidentally, I blogged about them today. Do you wear the broad kind or the narrower kind?

Having a style of your own can be good, whether onstage or off-stage. It makes you feel nice.

masalai said...

It's the Leonard Cohen look, Mr B: he's cultivated it for going on 50 years and when asked why he'd never adopted the bluejeans look of the 60s, he said it was because he was just a hat and tie kind of guy.

Anonymous said...

( my be funny, but prob isn't )

Anonymous said...

when i saw you play, you had this look...twas very very fetching!!

you still need new jeans!!