Apr 16, 2009

Vote Unvote

Today, my vote will not be casted. My voter's registration is in Kerala. The last Lok Sabha election was held when I was still there. I realized that Kerala was going to the polls tomorrow during a conversation with my Mom yesterday.

I asked her how I could change it to Mumbai. She wasn't sure and suggested that there were ads for voter registration in the media regularly. In retrospect, I remember the jaago re series of ads. But I never thought that I'd need to re-register.

I guess I was lazy to act. Hopefully, by the time the next election comes around, I'll be able to vote. Anybody knows about postal votes?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

who cares for the vote, its going to be either BJP or Congress only at the end what does it really matter

Kris Bass said...

@ Future: Thanks!

@ Anonymous: You could still choose the best candidate.

Anonymous said...

Everyone that has died so you may have that right is rolling over in their grave...not voting is silly, selfish and just plain boring.


Kris Bass said...

--stipe: I know. I'm ashamed! Spank me! ;-)