Apr 29, 2009

Things that I learned

Things that I learned from the wedding reception that I attended yesterday.

- Don't ever attend parties where you won't have a reason to be.

- Don't expect 2 month old colleagues to replace your friends.

- Don't go to a party on a dry day.

- Don't miss doing something that you love for something that you dislike, which you are forced to do.

- Learn to say no. Firmly, but politely.

- Don't attend parties to beat away your blues. Talk to friends instead.


scratchpost said...
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scratchpost said...

learn to say no -- firmly, but politely is most important i say!

actually, sometimes you just never know what you can expect -- have fun, get bored?

just risk lene ka.

(sorry about the deleted comment up there!)

masalai said...

Myself, I'd have thought that being at such a function on a dry day was a pretty good thing. The consequences of having one drink too many in such circumstances can occasion considerable regret. Don't ask me how I know this.

Anonymous said...

Learn to say no. Firmly, but politely.I wish i learn this. No matter how polite i try to be, i always end up being on hot water :(

Kris Bass said...

@ ScratchPost: (Why'd you delete the first comment?) You are right. There is an element of risk involved in choosing to saunter into such a party. I wish there was alcohol. That would have at least eased up the tension.

@ masalai: I don't think that dry days are recommended when you are need 'wetness'. Oh, would you please, please, tell me (how?)!

@ bloggingknight: It's so hard!

shruta said...

Just to let you know .. I heard about this awesome 'new' guy in a white kurta at the wedding ;P .. and this was way before i started work .. :)