Apr 1, 2009

The 'the' story

I think I have got myself lost in the 'definite article' conundrum. A bane for most non-native English speakers/users, the problem is by far the most difficult one that I face at work. I spent about 3 hours extra at work trying to understand why the 'the' should be used and why it shouldn't. This 'the' business is extremely taxing. Hell, people at work told me that I looked tired; I had gotten to the office about an hour early and stayed back three hours longer that my job needs me to.

The tiredness must have been because didn't get a good night's sleep. Something hurtful was churning inside, something that I've been very secretive about, on this blog at least. The other reason might have been the 'oily face the untrimmed beard' phenomenon. I had forgotten to carry my facewash after using it in the morning. Tonight's quota of sleep wouldn't manage to wipe off the couple of years from my face before I show up at work tomorrow. I spent a couple of hours dabbling with the guitar, trying to sing some Dave Matthews songs. Well, I did an admirable job with one song.

That, though, leaves me with a 20-something list of stuff to work on starting tomorrow morning. Those include talking to the just-wed Ray, planning a few evenings with people (which I would have to eventually cancel, I guess) and figuring out some dafty tricks on Excel (or Google spreadsheet) to make a nice, wealth-management spreadsheet. It sure looks like I'll need one for at least a couple of decades or so. Judging by what one of my work-colleagues had to say after reading my hand, I might as well think of investing my non-existent savings.

The amateur palmist had nonchalantly commented 'Kris, you are going to have an arranged marriage!'


Another Kiran In NYC said...

So what is churning inside you?

Can you saunter over to Shobhaas blog and tell her about the speech to text software you use. She might have use for it.

Anonymous said...

But really, when do you get your first/next cheque from your job?

Kris Bass said...

@ Kiran: It's a case of rejection that churning inside. And about Ma'm De, I'll send her an e-mail.

@ Unsungpsalm: In a week's time, I think.

leenpawS said...


you are making us all mighty famous

Kris Bass said...

leenpawS: Now, how would I make you all famous? Spandy is the only one that I mentioned about!