Apr 16, 2007

Going back to Mumbai

Today I'm returning to my life in Mumbai. As I had expected, this trip wasn't the best that I ever had as a holiday from my life in Mumbai. The funny thing is that I didn't do many things that I normally do.

  • Spend time with my friends - I didn't do a lot of that. Just two days out of 10 with Ray and Chuck.
  • Meet Dr. R. Yes, I didn't do it.
  • Meet Mr. Lion - we couldn't pull off a meeting this time. I badly wanted to. But I'm not sure if he's that interested in me.
  • Talk to my sister - despite the fact that she's having trouble in her life. I don't want to detail them. Acutally, I don't know how enough really.

Yet, I'm not unhappy. I'm sort of glad to return to my band and my guitars and my hospital life.

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