Apr 1, 2009

You know your life sucks when...

Scenario 3
  • You have to make excuses like 'I eat healthy!' and 'I despise junk food!' when your colleagues are ordering from McDonald's
  • You have to ask 'What's the cheapest thing on the menu?' regularly
  • Your daily budget for food is so low that you have to skip meals to adhere to it
  • Your refrigerator promotes the growth of fungi food items
  • You avoid rickshaws even if you could save an hour in travel
  • You walk four kilometers at 12 midnight after a long day just to save 6 rupees
  • You plan to meet people during evenings on weekdays and every evening you ring people up to cancel plans
  • You haven't watched Slumdog Millionaire 2 months after its release
  • You have 3 days of unread newspapers in your backpack


unsungpsalm said...

Hun, you need to stop secretly embracing your poverty and come up with a plan fast to get out of it!

Let your next post be one of options that you may have to achieve that goal.

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

the last 3 points hold for me too... but well as for the rest of it,.. umm isnt there any way out????

mirrorcracked said...

Eating ruffles lays for lunch in a strange city, stuck with no phone, money and food... :)

Anonymous said...

stop buying newspapers and start eating lunch...a McAloo burger is only rs. 20. If you don't have rs.20 you may need a new job!!
and if you are still hungery...see me...we can work something out...you in a red thong cleaning my place, that should be worth a burger from McDonalds...haha!!


Kris Bass said...

@ Harini: Interesting!

@ MirrorCracked: Where are you at? And what happened to your phone?

@ Craig: You know what, I have a two thongs! The job will pay me just enough to keep my world going round the Sun. But, I just started working, remember. What say, we make another movie date. One movie of your choice, preferably one in which you are in the cast, at the same place without the dinner part?

flygye12 said...

ur such a somerset maugham

Anonymous said...

oh my god, just call me, I'll but you lunch already, shiza, im here im queer, I like to overeat.


chandni said...

hey cheer up!

in bombay next week....wanna meet? i'll buy u lunch :)

Anonymous said...

My aunt always says, "a penny saved is a penny earned", when you have money you should try to save as much as possible, inspite of living in America where there isnt much of a concept of kitchen and cooking, my aunt who also happens to be an MBBS doctor and a professor of infectious diseases, cooks her lunch every day and never eats out, a burger is not going to cost you anything less than 10 Rs (and thats cheapest like from some vendor on some street) you should buy bread and eggs keep a bottle of jam at home, buy cereal or corn-flakes and milk, make khichdi add all sorts of vegetables to it its healthy and filling. However if you hate cooking and want to eat at only places like McDonals and Pizza Hut then ofcourse I cant help... Wait you can also make rava dosa its very simple just needs rice flour, suji, and butter milk... what is most surprising is that I am reading such a post from a surgeon.. wow!