Apr 30, 2009

Out at office

When I went to the GB Sunday meet a couple of week’s back, I talked about how easy it is for me to be out at my present workplace. When I applied for this job as an academic editor, I had sent in my CV which had the link to my blog. Obviously, had gone through it and a few bosses have even commented on it. That really made me comfortable. It felt like liberation—from the perceptibly homophobic milieu of a municipal hospital—and I felt happy. During the first week itself, a colleague of mine came out to each other. He is out to everyone and hence I expected a similar response to me. What do people talk about when they have their lunches and snacks together anyway, I thought?

Not personal lives! It was naïve from my side to have even expected that to have happened. Yesterday, I came out to another colleague. It was coincidental and happened over a joke on the messenger installed in the LAN. Later on, in the evening, as I was sipping my freshly brewed heavenly filter-coffee, I had a conversation with her. I explained to her that I thought that everyone knew citing the aforementioned reasoning. She told me that I don’t look like one. Oh yeah, I don’t look faggy, I know that. I have a beard, I don’t look scrawny, I don’t have a gym-toned body, and have no effeminate features. The list could go on. I don’t know if I should feel glad about being a non-stereotypical gay person or feel sad about acknowledging the social norm of stereotyping gays.

I still think that a few more are aware that I’m gay. If they don’t they will come to know soon. Either through word-of-mouth or through the soft-toy that sits atop my monitor—a pink cub bear wearing a muffler! That’s some statement!


Anonymous said...

One of the guys I met told me, unlike other I am very straight acting, my interests are very straight, and I dont like effeminate guys, while he was saying all this he was using his hands more than his mouth and looked only a bigger queen to me, whether one looks gay or not should be left for others to decide.. growing a beard and wearing normal jeans and t-shirt doesnt necessarily make someone look straight, you can be extremely feminine even with that.. and I am not pointing at you here I am saying in general..

Kris Bass said...

Well, these are the stuff that I hear. I agree that dressing straight doesn't make you look straight. But in my case, I am straight-looking and dress straight.

swats.... said...

who cares ya? just be what you are!!!

Kris Bass said...

@ Swats: Long time! Yeah, I see what you mean.