Jun 28, 2012


The new shrink started tapering my medication off starting last week. This week, I’m slowly starting to experience the side effects. Apart from fluctuations in mood and vulnerability, I am experiencing tremulousness and anxiety. I’m having trouble falling asleep and I have headaches. Last night, I had to have a cognac before I could fall asleep.

Tonight, I have a slight headache and I feel like eating something meaty. But I won’t. I will instead, drink a glass of milk and hope to fall asleep watching the first Euro 2012 semi-final between Portugal and Spain. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

This sounds so much like my experiences, my Friend. I'm on my way to see my shrink now to fiddle with my meds. I did what we talked about last night. It was fantasy island and I didn't feel abused/used at all.