Jun 25, 2012


Yesterday, I saw Brave, the latest animated movie from Pixar. Mostly, it lived up to what Pixar promises. The opening short animation was incredibly beautiful. It’s call La Lune, if I remember correctly. Else, great animation, good story, and engaging characters – the usual Pixar stuff.
The only gripe I have is that the Scottish accent has been overdone in movies. It was so in this case too. Of course, it was set in Scotland. But haven’t we had enough of movies based in Scotland?
I give it a 3.5* out of 5. Go watch it!


athiran said...

tried any studio ghibli films?
totally recommended.

masalai said...

There are different "Scottish" accents. The highlanders, who spoke Gaelic till recently -- including my grandparents and their siblings after 150 years in Canada -- spoke Gaelic and didn't sound at all "Scottish" in English. As to "Scottish," John Kenneth Galbraith, President John F. Kennedy's American ambassador to India 1961-63 wrote the book in New Delhi that to his dying day at age 97 only a decade ago he said was the one he was proudest of. Entitled "The Scotch." London publisher said that word is obsolete and another title would be necessary for the UK edition; he responded that that is what we call ourselves in Canada. And the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation recently had a survey as to who is or was the greatest Canadian. Tommy Douglas, a provincial premier for two decades and then federal leader of the socialist party and founder of universal free medical care was far and away the leader. He arrived from Scotland in late adolescence and always referred to himself as Scotch -- and certainly didn't sound anything like what you are referring to.