Jun 23, 2012

The roving eyes of a young Muslim man

My second free servicing for the AC was scheduled today. This morning, I got a call from the company saying that they are sending someone over by 11 am. For modesty’s sake, I put on a pair of small shorts and a t-shirt. I greeted the team of two service guys: one, a twenty something Muslim guy (I can tell) and an adolescent side kick. They started working on the AC and I sat at my computer.

Every now and then, I would go up to my living room to check up on them. Every time I would go, the Muslim guy’s eyes would be fixated on my bobbing crotch. Even when he was talking. Well, I did nothing to change things. I wanted to see how far he would go.

Well, he didn’t go any further – neither did I want him to. But this was a different experience. I have never experienced such visual rape. I must say I enjoyed it.

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Parakh said...


A THICK plot for a porn film may be -_-