Feb 2, 2011

The sweetest proposal

I'm blessed - I have very sweet friends at office. The sweetest amongst them is Akki, a beautiful, wonderful woman. I feel that she deserves every bit of goodness from life. Fortunately, she's getting it.

Her boyfriend, currently her fiance, proposed to her on her birthday (last Sunday) in a very special way. He took her out to a movie and during the interval, popped in a slide in the projector which said this:

Of course, he went down on his knees in front of the whole theater, and slipped a beautiful engagement ring on the ring finger of Akki's left hand!

How sweet is that!!! Akki told me that he had to take permission NOCs from her parents and family before he did this. Also, he approached three different theaters regarding this. Only one theater (and its management) agreed to the plan!

Those who want to be sweet to their girlfriends/boyfriends, please do something like this!

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