Feb 19, 2011

Salon guy's advice

A day before I left for Delhi, I went to my trusted salon. I had gone there for a beard/moustache trim and shaping. My usual stylist was busy attending to some other client. So, a new guy started working on me. He did an admirable job, as this photo might tell you.

However, when my usual stylist got free, he came over for chat. He had been requesting me to color my hair or do some highlights. I told him about my sad story of hair loss. He asked me which shampoo I was using. I said Dove hair-loss therapy shampoo. Well, without wasting a breath, he decried Dove and said that I must try the L’Oréal range of shampoos.

Within a few minutes, he had convinced me of buying a set of L’Oréal products – a shampoo, a conditioner, and a serum – worth rupees 1500. He guaranteed that these products would have a good effect on my hair and prevent its loss. Even though I had spent a lot of money, I was happy that something good was going to happen to my hair. But I was proven wrong.

I used the products for the first time on my first day in Delhi. After my shower, I tried combing my hair and it was a mess. The conditioner didn’t seem to have done its job – neither had the serum. My hair was rough, tangly, and all over the place. I was not sure if the reason was products or the hard water in Delhi.

I decided to not use the products again until I came back to Mumbai. Plus I decided to go around in a ponytail. I’ll give them a decent run in Mumbai. If they don’t let my hair feel as lovely as Dove products make it feel, then I think I should switch back. Anyway, the warning that I want to sound to you all is this – don’t trust your salon guy blindly!

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