Feb 13, 2011

More men from SilverDaddies.com

This is getting repetitive. I have written so many times about meeting fascinating men from SilverDaddies.com. It just doesn’t stop. About three weeks or so back, I got a message from this wonderful man who’s originally from Portugal and currently resides in the United States. We started exchanging e-mails, which primarily consisted of short snippets of conversations ranging from politics to humor, and from flirtations to serious conversation.

I have always believed that you could see the quality of the man through the words that he writes, and this is the perfect case. I had a Skype conversation with him – crazy, hilarious, intelligent, funny, erotic – all at the same time. He’s raging hot (just by the looks) and he’s even hotter on an intelligent conversation/mental level. Such people are so hard to find in Mumbai, I tell you.

Another case – three days back, I met another wonderful man from the US. He’s from Hollywood and works in the movie industry. He is also a musician and has indulged in various projects that included the creation of famous bands such as the Black Eyed Peas. He has led a 100-voice choir which toured Europe during the Berlin Wall demolition. Now, the circumstances in Egypt has led him to reconsider re-releasing the old content with some new material in a DVD!

It’s too bad that all these men that I meet are from abroad (mostly the United States). But I hope that one of them will click and will lead to something more than just online friendship.


barry said...

Kris, your blog is really honest, entertaining! I look forward to meeting you in person one day in India!

Kris Bass said...

Thanks Barry!

I saw that you are on Skype on Billy's computer. Maybe we can 'meet' sometime before we actually meet.

Write me at kris (dot) bass (at) gmail (dot) com.


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