Feb 26, 2011

A busy Friday

Yesterday, I played my first gig with Overhung at Inorbit Mall (Malad-W) as part of 'Uninor Rush of Blood' - a blood donation drive with live music featuring about 15 bands from Mumbai. This was probably the first time that I'm performing for such a noble cause. We just got to play for 20 minutes. But before we got on stage, the guitarist and I donated blood. And then we had a blast on stage.
There was an added advantage to this donation - you get yourself checked for HIV and Hepatitis B and C. It's been awhile since I did those tests and I expect to get a call from them if I'm positive for any of that. I hope I don't get an anonymous call in the first couple of days next week informing that I'm positive for any of those.

A lot of friends of mine were playing alongside us. But I only got to watch a couple of bands that played before us and the band that followed us. The reason was that I needed to head to Juhu for a dinner date with a South African. That turned out to be interesting with a wonderful conversation over some South East Asian food with some scotch and beer.

Although I enjoy such dates, I'm not sure if I can afford to spend so much on dates and parties anymore. That's the problem with leaving a potentially lucrative surgical career and chasing hollow dreams in music. This thought have been pushed into my head by a man that I met on a SilverDaddies.com who insists that I return to my surgical career instead of wasting my life if I need to live my dream of having kids.

He might be right, but I'm not sure if I should give up on my career in music which gives me so much pleasure and satisfaction. I need to enjoy my life to the fullest as well, shouldn't I?


Anonymous said...

So some times sensible people are available on such silverdaddies sites. If possible you should go back to medicine. He is right you are wasting your life, you may not realize it right now but you will once you are in your 40s, then you will feel like a loser, actually you should be feeling like a loser right now, first you are making one fourth of what your cousins make then you go out on dates with men twice your age, arent you even slightly embarrassed by all that? All these are the traits of losers. If this career in music was giving you so much pleasure you wouldnt be taking medicine for depression and writing about financial troubles. You seriously need to get a life, at 31 you need to be smart but you come across as a delusional moron. There is still time go back to medicine. If you continue to pursue music and write about men twice your age .. good for me, I often feel like a loser myself considering I am behind in my career, but then I read your blog and I know there are bigger losers.

Kris Bass said...

I'm not ashamed about whatever I do, Anonymous. I'm proud of myself and despite the fact that I'm struggling, I feel really good about myself.

If reading my blog makes you feel less of a loser, then I'm doing good indeed!


Anonymous said...

I agree with the anonymous writer, I am sure you appreciate the challenge getting a medical seat and completing your PG, should you not value the profession you hold, music is very good, but probably should remail a hobby or pass time.

I do not want to call you a looser but your abnormal traits are eclipsing your versatility and talent.

Please do not feel offended, look back and see path you talk the last 10-15 years of your life, have you not changed your attitude and approach to life.

Kris Bass said...

@Anonymous 2: I value my training and profession a lot and I would enjoy it immensely if I go back to it. But such a step would deny further advances in my foray into music. I love composing/performing music and I feel my talent is most developed in music. My father's side of family is a bunch of professional musicians and my dad himself is one.

What do you mean by abnormal traits?

In the last 10-15 years of life, I have opened out to myself being a caring, happy, jovial individual. My surgical career has helped me from coming out of my introversion.


Jeff said...

Well, first of all it's amazing how "brave" one can be one one posts as "Anonymous." Well done. You see, Kris is clearly too much of a gentleman to say some of what I am about to share. I am not.

I am amazed that folks feel the need to snipe at others, and seem to even relish negativity. Sometimes clichés- such as, you know, if you don't have something nice to say.....- actually turn out to be true. At least for those with manners.

So, at this point in his life Kris is choosing to pursue his music and songwriting. Well, I say, well done. I haven't made such brave life choices- and I can only celebrate someone who has the courage to pursue his passions. Especially as Kris has written about nightmares he has had concerning surgery. If/when Kris is comfortable with doing medical work, or whatever, I'll support that. 'Cause last time I looked- it's Kris' life. Perhaps some need to focus more on their own lives.

Kris chooses to pursue relationships with older men? Gasp! You anonymous posters want someone to dig through all of your love lives and see what we come up with? Kris comes off to me as an intelligent, old-soul kind of person- not to mention one hell of a looker, btw. I suspect there are men from many decades who would be happy to date Kris. And, it makes a lot of sense to me that Kris would be more drawn to mature men- being that he is.....well, mature. (And being that I'm 51 and partnered with someone 10 years younger than me who I love a lot- score one more for OUR team, Kris!)

Kris is taking "medicine" for depression? Well, I don't know Kris well enough to know if he is- but here's something for you, anonymous men. I take anti-depressants. Because I am smart and strong enough to admit I need help and get the help I need, to have the best life that I can. For those of us with depression, depression will simply hit, and it has nothing to do with career or relationship choices. It takes guts to take care of yourself and be open about this, especially when there is still so much ignorance concerning subjects such as depression.

Finally, it makes me sick to my stomach that Kris has the guts, heart and honesty to be so open about himself here in these pages, only to be penalized and ridiculed by a few. I say, ignore such people, Kris. And, anyone else who wishes to put down my friend Kris? Please, do us all a favor and go away.

Kris Bass said...

Thanks for the wonderful defense, Jeff! Mwaaah!