Sep 6, 2010

Planet of the Apes

Finally, I managed to track down the classic sci-fi pentology: Planet of the Apes. I’m not going to bore you with details about each movie. I have assigned the following ratings for the movies: Planet of the Apes (5*), Beneath the Planet of the Apes (3*), Escape from the Planet of the Apes (4*), Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (3*), Battle for the Planet of the Apes (3.5*).

Here are the most important points about the movies which I thought would make the series a must-watch for all movie fanatics.
  • I don’t want a spoiler here—The first movie’s ending is dramatic and depressing!
  • Time dilation, a phenomenon of the theory of relativity, is put majestically to use in this movie series.
  • The religious/scientific views of the ape society mirror the views of conservative theists.
  • The ethical/moral treatment of humans by apes (and by humans to the apes in the sequels) is classic commentary on what’s wrong with scientific research.
Here are my negative points about the series.
  • The social structure of the apes as assigned by different colors of clothing is boring.
  • The incredible way in which the apes evolved to learn language but not improve posture is disturbing.
I’m not even starting to mention about the plotholes, but there are many. But watch this series if you are sci-fi fan. Watch at the least the first movie!


Dene said...

Roddy McDowall is the reason why i became an actor, Kris. I have loved him ever since I was a little boy. In fact, a director I once worked with asked the cast 'who inspired me to become an actor?' and when I said 'Roddy McDowall,' he smiled and said, "I see a lot of Roddy McDowall's mannerisms in your acting style, Dene." It was the greatest compliment I could've ever gotten.

Agreed. PLANET OF THE APES - at least the first one - is a must see.
I was very saddened by the ending of ESCAPE, however...

Kris Bass said...

Thanks for the very insightful comment. Suggest me more Roddy McDowall movies then, would you?