Sep 17, 2010

Emotional blackmail

A couple of weeks back, my Mom called me up and requested me to do something crazy -- talk to my uncle/aunt in Bangalore and give advice to them regarding a medical condition that my uncle was harboring. I was hesitant and I tried to make that point clear to my Mom. I haven't talked to my uncle/aunt for over 2 years. It would be very uncomfortable for me to initiate a conversation, and to give medical advice on top of that.

My Mom couldn't understand how uncomfortable I am to talk to my relatives with whom I had no contact whatsoever. She tried to emotionally blackmail me by pointing out that this uncle/aunt combination have offered me financial help in the past and that it was my duty to talk to them. Yeah, she insisted that I neede to give them medical advice because I was 'indebted' to them.

This infuriated me. I guess it would infuriate anyone. Or would it? Monetary emotional blackmail -- this is exactly what my Mom had used in the past and that's why I decided to cut my monetary ties with my parents. Now, I'm thinking of repaying my the amount that I owe to my uncle/aunt to clear the air and be free to do what I want.

That means that I can't change my lifestyle/apartment next year as well. But I guess it better than facing emotional blackmail! Also, it ensures that I'm not going to Kerala anytime in the near future. Not even for my sister's delivery!

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