Sep 26, 2010

How 'ungay' am I?

One of my good friends asked me in an SMS early this morning - 'Are you still gay?' He was joking of course, or so I believe. However, in the present state of my mind, I think that question carries more significance and relevance than it seems to. How many 'gay' qualities do I possess -- more importantly, how many that I don't. Let's see.

I'm not into socializing. I don't go well with parties anymore. This is well documented in a recent post about a party that I went to after being invited by the same friend who asked me the abovementioned existential question. Gay people thrive on parties. They meet people, crack jokes, bitch about people, fish for dates, and get laid eventually. There goes a major point.

More about gay people socializing. They meet friends with their friends and hang out at caf├ęs and go out for dinners and cheesy movies where they laugh and make comments at slap-stick comedy and melodrama. They shed tears when hollywood/bollywood divas succeed in their quests to find love (on screen, of course). They enjoy doing all this as part of groups. I don't.

Gay men enjoy musicals (like Mama Mia, the Sound of Music), movies based on high fashion (SATC). They hate action movies like the Expendables , sci-fi movies like Predators, and cartoon movies like Up. They watch drama on television as if their lives depended on it. They love classic (read gentle) pop music and dance to Bollywood tunes like their lives depended on it.

Gay people take care of themselves. They groom and keep themselves physically attractive all the time. They wear fashionable clothes in line with the latest in fashion. They visit the gym religiously and have the term 'six-pack' listed under abs and not beer.

This list could go on and on. I find myself as the most 'ungay' gay man amongst the people I know. This has resulted in me confining myself to my apartment weekend after weekend, making me unable to find anybody to be with or have sex with, thus making me lead quite miserable 'social' life.

You could say that my 'ungayness' isn't helping me at all.


Crazy Sam said...

Dude! I can't believe that you have no social life. I saw you at that parents meet and you were having awesome time with your friends.. If that can't be called as great social life, what is!!

By the way, this posts talks exactly about me. If you ever feel like meeting up, do let me know.

Kris Bass said...

Yeah, there are shades of me which manifests themselves. You saw one shade of me -- the extrovert -- then. Now, it's back to the introvert me.

I'm glad that you could relate to this post! :)


Anonymous said...

I think most of what you say is a very clever way of being sarcastic towards two sects:

1. the society for stereotyping homosexuals as the partying, desperate-housewives watching, gymming kind
2. the wannabe homosexuals who tend to adhere to the above steteotype as if their lives depended on it.

The fact that you are not one of them ghouls is very heartening indeed!
Good one!

Kris Bass said...

There is an element of sarcasm in what I write. But this is the truth as well. The same friend whose comment incited this reaction (post) reacted negatively to it saying that I was trying to put him and his friend's in negative light. Well, that was not my purpose.

Thanks for the comment! :)