Sep 9, 2010


This was one of the movie that I watched after having read the original book (Carl Sagan) in childhood. I loved the way Jodie Foster plays the role of the maniacal SETI scientist Eleanor Arroway. At the same time, I hated the highly religious overtones in the message that is conveyed in the end. I would say 3.5*.

By the way, during the early 2000s, I used to dedicate my computer to the usage of the data analysis by SETI. I'm wondering, can we still help SETI out that way?


leenpawS said...

a line from Contact that keeps revisiting me

occam's razor:
the simplest explanation is usually the correct one

also did install the SETI software on my old PC
such awesome graphics it would produce
but couldn't find it today

i think was among the first sites on the .org domain

Kris Bass said...

I love that line too. :)

I'm sorry I can't find the SETI software now. I guess they don't require to outsource the computing anymore.