Mar 19, 2010

Seize your life's balls - and not the other way around

I have met someone recently - he's very handsome, erudite, intelligent, smart, and talented. But there is something about him that is simply incredible (It took some time for me to figure it out) - the peace, the ease at which he lives life! He prefers to keep it simple and ensures that everything in his life, which is not so essential as to attend to emergent, is at a safe distance.

Even in Mumbai, far away from his quiet, cold hometown half the world away, he manages to bring an unseen order and calmness to his life. E-mails are put off until he finds time to respond to them. Calls and SMSes are not answered until he's free from his work, which is perched at the top of his pyramid. It's incredible to talk with him and realize what a fool you are and how you are letting your life hijack and capsize you.

After being in awe of his lifestyle - a wonderful, spacious, comfortable apartment, a cat, 10 musical instruments to work on, books to read, new destinations to visit (while travel and touring), and truckloads of time in his desired surroundings - I have realized one thing. Life is out there for you to live, to choose what you want to do, and more importantly, for you to decide when to do those things.

'Seize the moment' was my motto a few days back. Now it is 'Seize your life' - by its balls, and savor it as and when you want to!

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