Mar 3, 2010

Sexmania 2010

I touch the screen
And start to answer
He touches me
And starts to dance, ha!

We make love indiscreet
And start a sojourn
We make out on the street
And startle many, for long

I fuck him hard and sweet
And he winces in pleasure
I pull it out swift and neat
And answer the call of another

We meet at a workshop
And I flirt with him
We meet at a coffee shop
I later play strings with him

We make passionate love
And I worry about his e-mails
We make delicious breakfast
And I fidget in my g-mail

I have capuccino, he has mocha
And I get a call, a warning
I sip my coffee, he reads out espaƱol
And I get shit-scared by the warning

We patch up over Skype
And I flirt with the Superman
We have an argument
And I become Mary Jane

I chat him up for a walk
Meet with him at McDonald's
I and he decide Marine Drive
We chat, cry, expose

We talk a lot on the way back
And hold hands in the train
I and he part at McDonald's
And I take a bus as he walks

I call him up to talk
And he agrees to meet tonight
I and he meet up at his place
And he fucks me to heaven and hell

We talk about meeting up
And he's not sure when and where
I and he part at his door
And we don't even kiss on the lips

I talked up three other men today
And I don't know how and when
I'll meet them and have fun
And it will go on and on

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