Mar 17, 2010

Women = whine. Men = wine

The average young man looks average. The average young woman looks above average. But as the years catch up with both these sets of the human demographic, there is something starkly disparate. Men age better. Much better. Women age similar to how a pig rolls in a dump.

As I look out through the BEST bus window, while the summer sun's light shines on the right side of my face, I see a worthwhile example of what I stated above. I see a family of three - dad, mom, and daughter - riding on a scooter with a side attachment, which houses the unfortunate sight called the mother.

The dad, with near-perfect posture, is riding the scooter. Very little of his shapelessness is visible. He's freshly shaven with a neatly trimmed moustache, and has a face which could easily fetch him a role in a movie or two. He's fair and his shirt has just been ironed, and he's wearing lovely dress shoes that go with his elegant trousers.

The mom is slouch-slumping all over the extension wearing a wrinkled kurta pajama. Her expression is of contended flatulence and dyspepsia and she has a blank look on her face. The daughter has neatly inherited the ugliness gene from her mom in the homozygous dominant form. Her love handles ripple at every thrust of the scooter motor, and she has an excessive layer of lard, which would have saved her from the wrath of an ice age or two.

The dad turns to look at the rest of the traffic, probably trying to avoid the ugliness he's schlepping around. I can clearly make out from his nose and jawline that he had once been the quintessential 'attractive' young man. I lower my gaze ever so slightly to focus on his cargo - two of the reasons why God must feel deeply sad for having created a yoni. I sigh deeply.

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shruta said...

Interesting indeed Kakes. I hope your .. ummm .. bias toward older men hasnt skewed your perspective on this :P

Having said that I am almost tempted to agree with you. For how women let themselves "go" in relationships. Suddenly it isn't important to "look good" and more importantly "feel good" about yourself and your body. I often come across KICK ASS SMART women who stop updating themselves with regard to both appearance and knowledge after "settling down" and are more content in their "other" roles. Suddenly oodles of body fat settle in, your hair is how Waheeda Rehman wore it on her bad hair day... and you're still in some godforsaken era that identifies with Anita Bryant's ideologies about "progress" and "modern"

Now, making your family a priority isn't wrong.. but at what cost? Cause at the end of the day you remain "someones wife" and "someones mother" even to a third person who watches you from a bus and writes a blog about you (and your ugly ass daughter)without possibly having an idea of where you come from and possibly what all you've put in to to make ur husband look the way he looks today.. :P ...

So Women, MORAL OF THE STORY - Get an identity and a life of your own !!!! No one in the world is going to respect you till you learn to treat yourself with some respect !!!

PS- I still can't explain the daughters "ugliness" though... :p.. Maybe the sex wasnt exciting enough.. and the bitterness somehow took precedence over the good genes :P