Apr 1, 2010

Time to break the silence

So many things to write about, but so little time. That's the story of my life. In a nutshell, however, I can catalog it here. Here goes...

  • I'm back to being up and down. I'm going through a change of medications (antidepressants/antipsychotics/mood stabilizers etc.), perhaps I'll soon reach a stable baseline.
  • Twitter is back into my life. I'm tweeting more than ever. If you are a horny gay male bird wanting to mate with me, follow me or my alter-ego Krishna.
  • I'm watching plays and hanging out with friends more often.
  • I've finally started having my own mini bar at home. I have started out with whisky (Royal Stag), vodka (Sminnoff classic) and beer (Kingfisher Blue). If you are hunky enough, funny enough, or hung enough, please saunter into my apartment after informing me - you might just have the quiet drink of your life.
  • I have decided to not move out of my present apartment. That, ufortunately will happen next year. Or so it seems now.
  • I'm planning to join a gym! Yeah, I need to get my waist from the present 31 to past 29!
  • I've planning to buy an iPod. I want a gigantic storage space for music/videos/movies. iPod Classic?
  • I'm making plans to upgrade (in the next 6 months or so) my existing phone (Sony Ericsson P1i) into something even better! I am looking for QWERTY smartphones preferably with huge touch screens preferably on the Android platform. The options that I'm currently considering are as follows:


murali said...

Blackberry it is, but try to get one with the touch screen!

Tarun said...

Hi Kriss....Currently i am in the same set of mind which u were back in end 2009. I am so happy to see u back on track. But dude pls guide me what shud i do to come out of this cess pool? I cant marry, i dont wanna go to a psychatrist and all ppl i meet are like in their early 20's (20,21) which i feel are very immature. ( i am 26).
Dude just give me an assurance...is it possible to come out of this?