Apr 17, 2010


Pink is everywhere. My mobile handest's case, a woman who's travelling in the same railway coach, my lover's cheeks when he blushes, the new construction coming up at Santa Cruz station, a series of advertisement hoardings at Bandra - everything's pink. Yet people make fun of pink. It's a girly color. It's a faggy color. It's eeks.

But why? Aerosmith wrote a song about it. I love that song, and everything about the song is brute and androgen inspired. And it was not mean to be ironic, I'm sure. Yet, people around me, most of them, make fun of my mobile handset case. I didn't have a choice to select from - all the store had was pink. They want something unsimilar to a barbie doll on the mobile.

My first choice wouldn't have been pink. Not because I expect such negative reaction from everyone, but it's not my most favorite color. For my handset, black/grey would have been the best choice - blue is my all-time favorite color. Yet, I'm okay with the pink rubber case. It's sturdy and it's comfortable. It gives me good access to all the keys, and actually goes with my theme on the phone, which is actually pink!

To date, I haven't studied why my phone theme is in pink. The first reason that comes up is the fact that it offers the best possible contrast to menus and makes my phone work smoothly. The same reason why the case is pink too. Why can't people just assume that it's comfortable for me and let me be me? Why can't they stop being ashamed of me if I'm using pink?

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