Dec 4, 2004

Kareena Kapoor's ass

Today, on the day when my sister came back home after a few months, I went for a not-so-good Hindi move (Hulchul) with Ray. There are a couple of strong messages for me here.

One is the fact (which is becoming very obvious to me as the days pass by) that I enjoy myself thoroughly with only those who understand my gay identity. The second fact, which is more disconcerting is the fact that I'm becoming more detached with my sister. Even to think about not being close to my sister was beyond imagination about 2 years back. Time does fly, doesn't it?

At the movie, I was again surprised by Ray's experiences cruising at the movies yesterday. This time he got much further with a man he has been meeting at the movies (while crusing of course).

On this, I must confess that Ray's treasure-trove of stories and experiences in this field seem limitless. On almost all of the days we meet, he has something new to tell me in this field. For example, apart from the details of his exploits on the previous day, he told me that the guy who sat at the ticket counter was interested in cruising sex! As a matter of fact, he has had 2 experience with this guy in the past five years.

The movie itself was not very good. But the most striking aspect of the movie was the amount of fat that Kareena Kapoor carries around in her body. I cannot recollect any other heroine other than Kajol who was fatter than Kareena. Even though I'm gay, I enjoy the looks of women who are trim and fit. I hate women with excess body fat. Kareena was so fat that I had to look away from the screen on more than one occasion.

There was even a scene when the whole big screen was filled with Kareena's ass. That was a strange shot where the camera was positioned between the legs of Kareena as she started to walk away from the camera.

I can tell you that Ray, who is bi, enjoyed this a lot. He likes women on the plumpier side. And amongst plump women, he prefers older ones!

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