Jun 19, 2015


I have an idea.

How about inventing a way to enjoy things in life where you spend less time but have the same quality of cognitive experience?

Something like how speed-reading is for reading?

Imagine this:
  • Full-length songs needing only 30 s.
  • South Park episodes needing only 2 min.
  • Game of Thrones episodes needing only 6 min.
  • Full-length movies needing only 15 min.
  • T-20 games requiring only 20 min.
  • Full-length books needing only 1 hour.
  • Working days being only 1.5 hours.
If I could pay for it, I would. Wouldn't you?


Nischal Gurung said...

The only thing I would be able to enjoy is working for 1.5 hours hehe

Kris Bass said...

Everyone would find that appealing. But what if you could watch the entire season of GoT in an hour?