Jun 9, 2015

Everybody else is doing it, so why can't we?

I guess most people of my age have heard the title catch phrase because of the debut album of the '90s band The Cranberries. What people don't realize is that this phrase is a catch phrase of India as a nation. Why else would everyone do things that are outright stupid and unproductive? For example:
  • Why would people ride motor bikes on sidewalks, scaring the shit out of pedestrians, and feel no guilt?
  • Why would people walk at a slower pass flinging their arms around without being aware of how they are being jerks by obstructing and impeding pedestrian traffic?
  • Why would people out-honk each other at red lights?
  • Why would people talk so loud in public transport setting so that everyone else is forced to listen to their dinner plans?
  • Why do people spit out of cars in traffic-congested roads?
  • Why do people push and shove each other despite realizing that it is not going to achieve what they think it would?
The only way to rationalize--yes, I'm ashamed to--is this: everyone thinks that it is okay to do all this because everybody else is doing it and; so they can and should as well. I believe such behavior starts in childhood. Why? Probably because of the lack of proper nurturing opportunities, the lack of infrastructure, poverty, the paucity of resources.

Is there a way out? Maybe in a couple of generations. When/if the present generation try to educate their offspring about what could be done differently?

Oh yes, for those who think that this happens everywhere around the world and not just in India, here's an analogy. Religious extremism happens everywhere in the world, but it is sort of more common in the Middle East. So...

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