Jun 4, 2015

About books and yourself

I’m part of a book club at work. Well, not strictly at work. It started an extension to something that we had at work to promote reading at work. Now, the work thing is not very active whereas our little book club is active.

Our book clubs work just like others - we select books to read each month, we read them, and then we discuss them when we meet. However, probably unlike other clubs, our monthly books are selected on the basis of genres, which can vary from literary fiction to erotica.

It’s a mixed bag, you see. This can be fun for people who are open and willing to explore outside their comfort zone – not so much for people who are stuck to their niches. For example, I have completely enjoyed whatever that I have read so far as part of the club. Some others have been non-compliant and have either dropped off or are not interested enough.

This month, we are reading a book called “The Truth AboutForever” by Sarah Dessen. It’s a chick-lit book and it fits the bill. The writing, relatively, is not the best and the story/characters seem adolescent. We are about to meet tomorrow for discussing the book.

I have never read something like this before. And yet, I’m actually enjoying reading it. None of the others are, however. I attribute this to my ability to latch on to characters and identify myself in them. I guess this trait directly correlates with my ability to get along with people and see the good in them.

Interesting how the books that you read can tell you so much about yourself.

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