Jul 20, 2014

Things that I've been doing

I have not been blogging too much lately. It's not because I don't have things to write about. Rather, I don't feel that what I write is not going to be interesting enough for reading. I guess this is very much part of the negative thought loops associated with depression. I have been reading a couple of books about depression that have opened my mind about this.

This  post is about what I have been doing, apart from worrying/being depressed and working, in the past few months (from January 2014):


Hitchhikeress said...

How are you managing to do so much?! My list of stuff done since Jan 14 will be less than half of that. You have amazing capacity to multitask and absorb so much information. I wish I could be like you!

Kris Bass said...

More than anything else, I think it is an illusion. I'm doing a lot of things but not a lot of each of them. The most I have done anything is Stargate SG1. You must have finished so much of Dr. Who!