Jul 21, 2014

Additions to my WHILTHS List from the Stargate universe

As I wrote in my last post, I quite urgently need to update my With Him I’d Like To Have Sex (WHLTHS) list. Considering that the last few months have been dominated by my discovery of the Stargate franchise and consumption of related content, it is most pertinent to add a four delectable men from the Stargate content what I have watched so far.

1. Richard Dean Anderson (older version) as Captain Jack O’Neill in SGU
This may come as a surprise, because, to be honest, Richard Dean Anderson in SG-1 is really attractive. But I got goose-bumps when I watched the SGU pilot when the now aged Captain knocks on the door of a mathematician geek boy Eli Wallace asking him to join the team. The most attractive aspects are the accent and the sarcasm.
Captain O’Neill in SGU
oneill-sgu-grand.jpg (900×506)
Captain O’Neill in SG1
6a01348361f24a970c0148c6f49d72970c-320wi (320×400)
This character is the prototype of my tastes – rugged, coarse features, strong masculine voice, and the balded head/silver goatee.
Tony_Amendola.jpg (250×323)
 6a01348361f24a970c0153929c5fb4970b-320wi (320×240)
3. Erick Avari as Kasuf as the Leader of Abydonians in Stargate (1994) and SG1
He’s actually the first among this list who I really fell for, primarily because he was the only eye candy on the film Starage (1994) for me.
sgkasufauto2.jpg (600×475)
erick_avari_site.jpg (250×250)
His character has almost everything that I go for: power, authority, wisdom, righteousness, baldness, shortness, and, and of course, the accent. Below the photographs, you will find a YouTube vide where Master Bra’tac addresses him as Hammond of Texas for the first time.
don-s-davis-3-sized.jpg (240×310)
IMG_2793.jpg (3456×2304)

(PS: I think I’m about 20% through the entire Stargate catalogue on offer. The movie Stargate (1994), 3 seasons and some of Stargate SG1, and most of the first season of SGU Stargate Universe. This is quite strange because I started with SGU. After the pilot, I was so hooked on to the concept that I decided that I had to go the Star Wars/Planet of The Apes way of watching sci-fi series. So I started from the movie that kicked everything off and the follow-up series. The rest of the episodes of SGU have been watched with the BF – he wants us to watch something or the other every night and we have to find new things that we both can stand.)


Hitchhikeress said...

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