Mar 16, 2011

Split-personality disorder

I have two of everything. Well, almost. I have two e-mail accounts, to FB accounts, and two Twitter accounts. On FaceBook, especially, I have a little game going on between the two accounts (Krishna Kumar Venkitachalam and Kris Bass, who are in complicated relationship). Yesterday, I had this idea of tweeting two contrasting, almost contradictory, versions of the same tweet.

I had three such tweets:
  • Krishna: So many people to love and so little time to do it...
  • Kris: So many people to make love to and so little time to do it...

  • Krishna: Playfulness is so much more fun when some romance is involved.
  • Kris: Romance is so much more fun when some playfulness is involved.

  • Krishna: I wish I could feel attracted to men as much as they feel attracted to me.
  • Kris: I wish men would feel attracted to me as much as I feel attracted to them.
I enjoyed doing this and hope to do more in the future.

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