Mar 23, 2011

Jar of Flies

Two years back, Jar Of Flies, a tribute band to Alice In Chains (more specifically Layne Staley) was formed. They performed in front of a packed house in Musician's Mall on the anniversary of Layne Staley's death. They were well received!

Last year, they didn't play a gig for the same occasion. However, this year, they are performing at a tribute gig for Layne Staley and Kurt Cobain on the 6th of April at B69 (Bajaao) in Andheri (E). More importantly, I'm joining them on bass and backing vocals.

The line up consists of the following:Link
  • Nicky Chorwadi (ex-Metakix, Bad Influence): vocals
  • Sheldon Dixon (ex-Metakix, ex-Dream Out Loud, Overhung): drums
  • Michael Lee (ex-Aftertaste, Bad Influence): guitars
  • Howard Pereira (Depth, Dischordian, Overhung): guitars, backing vocals
  • Kris Bass (Shor Bazaar, Cirkles, Ideat Savant, Bad Influence, Overhung): bass, backing vocals
Another band will be performing a Nirvana tribute set. Don't miss it! It's free entry!

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