Nov 9, 2010

Saying "I Love You" ain't so hard

No it isn’t. It’s very simple. Just say “I love you!” I learned it when during my 3-year-relationship with Vinokur. Everyday, we would say “I love you” to each other several times. I agree that ours was a romantic relationship and it would necessitate such wordy confessions of amour. But you don’t always need romantic relationship to say it.

Before Vinokur, due to my Indianness, the word “love” itself was so heavy that I was scared of using it. I guess most Indians are in one way or the other scared of expressing their love toward others. I never used to say “I love you father” or “I love you mother” in my childhood. They never used to say that they love to me either. I grew up in an environment which promoted the notion that only couples on movies should say it.

However, things have changed for the better now. Now, I can easily utter the “dreaded” three words in almost all social contexts. It goes hand in hand with my tendency to complement others. I enjoy doing that to affirm my platonic relationships with my colleagues, all of whom I dearly love. Sometimes, it’s just for fun, and adds to the drama and “romance” at the office. But when I say it, I do mean it.

Every day, before I leave work, I make it a point to go to the desks of all my colleagues and say “I love you!” Most of them have even grown the habit of reciprocating to it with a “I love you too!” And every day, as I walk out of my office building, I leave with a smile of remembering how beautiful my colleagues are and acknowledging it right in front of them.

You should try it. Seriously, it works wonders!


Shreya said...

Very true, sir :)

I don't remember saying 'I love you' to my mom when she is the one who matters the most to me!

I'm sure it's a pleasure having a workmate like you :)

Must tell you, I'v been lurking around here, thought I must leave a comment this time because this place is bright and beautiful in a way!

Kris Bass said...

Shreya: Thanks for the comment. For a minute, I was wondering whether you were actually my work mate!

Keep on commenting!